10 Best Free Number Tracker Apps for Mobile

In this article, we will discuss about 10 Best Free Number Tracker Apps for Mobile. People may additionally need to locate a smartphone by number online by way of finding an area for distinct reasons. You might also want to track your toddler’s movements, keep a watch on your partner, supervise your employees, or track the region of a suspicious call. Now, the query is whether or not all this may be achieved.

Top 10 Free Number Tracker Apps for Cell Phone

Top 10 Free Number Tracker Apps for Cell Phone

You can track the vicinity of cellphone numbers online for free. There are many alternatives online inclusive of apps and websites in order to allow you to see the actual-time location of every other individual.

In this text, we are going to take into account a number of the online options that you may use for smartphone range vicinity without spending time.

Why do you need to find cell by number?

There are many motives to know a person’s location by means of mobile quantity. For instance, parents may additionally need to determine the approximate location of their youngsters to make sure their safety. Also, couples or employers query constancy that they could track the character’s area to preserve their thoughts comfy.

We have tested many mobile variety tracking websites noted beneath and extra. Many can not offer unique vicinity, they only display what vicinity a smartphone quantity belongs to and only a few will track a phone’s area in actual time. You can use the online number tracker under in case you don’t need a specific location or registered smartphone variety.

5 Free Online Location Tracker by way of Mobile Numbers 

If you are not inquisitive about installing software for your mobile to track a number, this phase is for you. Even in case you don’t have sufficient memory in your digital device to download an app, you can track the place of phone numbers online without spending time.

In this section, we observe five internet site options that you may use without installing an app.

1. TechWelkin

2. Phone Location

3. Mobile Number Tracker

4. Phone Number Tracker

5. Locate A Phone Number

1. TechWelkin

It is an internet site that tracks cellular numbers online at no cost. This online tracker can perceive telephone numbers within the US, UK, Canada and India, 100% free. The internet site has an easy interface to pick the us of a and enter the phone range. The cellphone region could be displayed as textual content shortly if the place is determined. Typically, it’s going to only display the registered city of a phone number.

2. Phone Location

Phone Location permits you to track the modern place of goal gadgets, reflecting your geolocation at the map in real time. This is a internet site feature that does not require any software program or app to be mounted for your cellphone or the target device.

The entire monitoring method takes only a few mins. It works in history mode and does no longer have an impact on the battery overall performance of your cellphone. It allows you to check the exact vicinity of any phone right away.

You need to specify the u . S . Code and the global layout of the phone variety. Then click the Start button to set off the quest method. Phone Locator will help you discover the cellular tool in extra than one hundred fifty areas.

TechWelkin most effective indicates the u . S ., location and metropolis wherein the phone range is registered.

3. Mobile Number Tracker

Mobile Number Tracker is every other cell range tracker with modern vicinity online without spending a dime. It allows you to track landline and cell cellphone numbers and discover bulk SMS senders in India and the United States. This website has an app version. You can track GPS area of cell smartphone numbers by the proprietor’s operator or provider company.

All of their offerings display consequences on Google Maps to help customers without difficulty track the device they are looking for and spot the individual’s place. You can discover the region of the device and the individual in much less than 10 seconds.

However, regularly it nonetheless does now not show results. Sometimes it handiest shows the kingdom to which the cell variety belongs.

4. Phone Number Tracker

This fourth website is free to track any phone number totally free. You can locate any landline or cellular smartphone quantity around the world. You input the landline or mobile phone variety in the search box and choose the United States to track it.

You will now be able to see vicinity facts online. Apart from that, you may search for different information about the identity of the cellphone quantity subscriber through the use of the query button. You can test their full name and cope with family individuals and information. Visit their link here to apply their function. Sometimes, you can need more than the end result, or even vain.

5. Locate A Phone Number

Locate A Phone Number is a free locator option to track a person by way of a smartphone number at no cost. It takes best 20 seconds to show you the message “Your GPS coordinates were effectively generated.” Then, you may ought to select a survey to complete.

The internet site will direct you to greater ads after the survey, and regardless of how in many instances, you finish the survey, it by no means takes long to expose the location.

Many other websites, such as Live GPS, claim to track the area of a phone variety and start gambling inappropriate advertisements without area effects.

5 Best Free Cell Phone Tracker by Number 

If you do not thoughts that there is a third party installation for your smartphone, please take into account the following third party apps.

1. Phone Tracker By Number

2. Number Tracker Pro

3. Mobile Number Locator

4. CallerSmart: Caller ID + Block

5. Mr. Number Lookup & Call Block

1. Phone Tracker By Number

Free Number Tracker Apps for Mobile

The Phone Tracker By Number application will assist you in quickly, accurately and easily locate the vicinity of your children by cell number. It also permits determine-baby GPS region tracking on a secure and personal community. Thus, parents can easily see all the locations their wards have been by way of checking the history of the utility on their mobile telephones.

In addition, a vast number of your children’s phone numbers may be introduced to the community and tracked effectively with the Locator number app.

2. Number Tracker Pro

Free Number Tracker Apps for Mobile


Number Tracker Pro monitors cellular telephones totally free. Its database carries numbers from greater than two hundred countries. Notifies you while the cellphone number you’re looking for is discovered.

Unlike many apps, it works on iOS and Android smartphones. It affords customers unique information approximately a cellphone quantity without informing the owner of the destination quantity.

3. Mobile Number Locator

Free Number Tracker Apps for Mobile

Mobile Number Locator app is free and gives you place records of any cellphone through the tool number. It also can provide you with the info of the phone’s owner, such as name, town, location, and nation.

You can use this utility from anywhere in the world to discover a cell telephone number. It can even display the vicinity of the cell placed on a Google map with the purpose to see. Although it is free, it incorporates ads.

4.CallerSmart: Caller ID + Block

Free Number Tracker Apps for Mobile

CallerSmart – Caller ID + Block app is a favourite among Apple tool users. The motive is that it is going beyond giving you the call and location of an unknown caller. Another benefit is that it presents customers with statistics on who has been looking up their variety and the usage of the app. Furthermore, the utility is reliable; its developers make sure it stays updated.

Developers gain from continuous contributions from the consumer network. This app is free but you could have access to special capabilities of the app if you activate the paid subscription.

5. Mr. Number: Search & Block incoming calls

Free Number Tracker Apps for Mobile

Mr. Number Lookup & Call Block app is quality for stable cellular range tracking. You can quickly identify whether or not the target number is a tool of a scammer. Additionally, you can examine in the app if other users have left remarks about the identical quantity.

Mr. Number is free to download and has month-to-month, annual, and perpetual subscriptions.

Potential dangers of the use of loose smartphone number tracker online

While free online phone number trackers can be convenient, it is vital to be aware of their ability risks.

Here are some factors to keep in mind earlier than the use of a free online cellular number place tracker:

1. Inaccurate outcomes:

Free online trackers most effective now and again offer correct and up-to-date records. Inaccurate region records can lead to potentially inaccurate or outdated effects.

2. Limited Features:

The capabilities of free telephone number trackers are normally less than their paid versions. Advanced capabilities including actual-time tracking or specified name messages may not be available.

3. Internet quality:

The pleasant of the community determines the steadiness of the free tracker. An unstable network can affect tracking overall performance and accuracy.

4. Data Breach and Privacy:

Free on-line trackers can acquire, save or even percentage your facts with out your consent. It might be beneficial to pick out a relied on service provider that respects consumer privacy.

5. Phishing scams:

Some websites disguised as loose smartphone trackers may be phishing scams. Your non-public records can be used to perform fraudulent activities. Be careful while the use of unknown or suspicious offerings.

6. Malware and Adware:

Free online trackers may additionally come bundled with malware or intrusive ads. These can compromise the safety of your tool and result in unintentional effects.

7. Legal outcomes:

Understanding the prison implications of the usage of cellphone number trackers is essential. Tracking a person’s vicinity without their consent can be illegal in positive jurisdictions. Always admire neighborhood legal guidelines and policies.

It is essential to exercise warning and prioritize safety and compliance while choosing a smartphone number tracker. Use respectable fee services that prioritize user privacy and provide reliable and accurate monitoring functions.

Read consumer evaluations, take a look at the provider’s recognition and make informed choices to choose a cellular number tracker. By doing so, you will be capable of shielding your non-public information and ensuring safe monitoring revel in.

Alternatives to Phone Number Trackers

Free Number Tracker Apps for Mobile

There are several alternatives in case you are seeking out alternative methods to track or discover a smartphone range.

Below we listing some alternatives to loose on line cell variety area trackers:

1. Reverse Phone Lookup Services:

This provider permits you to look for information related to a telephone number. For example, the owner’s name, address and other touch data.

2. Use the telephone’s integrated locator:

Many smartphones have this characteristic, such as the “Find My iPhone” utility or the “Find My Device” Android software.

3. Searches on social networks:

People often partner their smartphone numbers with their social media bills. Searching social media using telephone numbers can offer precious statistics.

4. Check social media content material:

Sometimes humans proportion their modern region or tag each different in social media posts. You can decide their approximate whereabouts by means of checking their current interest on social media.

5. Request region sharing:

Many apps have place sharing functions that allow users to proportion their region in actual time. You can ask others to share your location.

6. Use Family Locator Apps:

Family locator apps help households live connected and keep track of every different location. These apps permit family participants to provide real-time place updates within the circle of agreement.

7. Use emergency offerings:

It is powerful in contacting emergency services in essential conditions. Authorities can track the vicinity of the smartphone number to confirm its protection if necessary.

When the usage of alternative techniques, it is vital to respect privateness and criminal limits. Always obtain consent and comply with local rules while monitoring the vicinity of someone’s smartphone.


You can track a goal tool or person with just the smartphone variety. In this text, we display you 5 of the best websites and five different third party applications that you could use to get the location of a cellular quantity. All alternatives are free, whilst some have subscription alternatives for special functions.

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