10 Best Websites for Video Compression Free

Videos you record with your iPhone, iPad, or any other camera can often be more significant than 1 GB, especially if captured in high resolution. Some social networks have video size limitations, so if your video exceeds the platform’s video size limitation, you must compress the video to meet the specifications of a particular social network.

Previously, we’ve featured some of the best free video compressor apps for iOS and Android, as well as some video compression software for Windows 10 and Mac. In this article, we’ll walk you through the top ten free online video compressors. That allows you to compress videos wherever and whenever.

10 Best Websites for Video Compression Free for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Chrome

There’s no need to spend a lot of money on a professional video editing program if you’re just looking for a quick way to reduce the size of your videos. You can complete this task online for free, regardless of which operating system you are using. Let’s take a look at the top ten free online video compressors.

1. Clipchamp: (Best Websites for Video Compression)

Price: Free; pricing plans start at $9 per month.

This online video editing app allows its users to create their videos for different purposes by using templates. In addition to making the video editing process easy, Clipchamp converts, burns, and compresses. This video compressor allows users to reduce the video size without losing the quality of particular videos saved in MP4 or other file formats.

To resize a video with Clipchamp, choose the high, medium, or low video quality option from the Customize Settings menu. You can also change the video resolution and format.

After compression, you can share and upload your video to YouTube,  Facebook, Vimeo, and Google Drive directly or download it to your computer. The free version of Clipchamp will display the watermark video you compressed at the beginning and end of the frames. If you want to remove the watermark from a video, you need to upgrade to the Business version of the video editor.


  • Excellent batch conversion options.
  • It offers a vast selection of templates.
  • Excellent file sharing capabilities.
  • Effortless video upload.


  • The free version of Clipchamp video watermarks.
  • Modest video compression has features.
  • A limited selection of output video file formats.

2. AConvert: (Best Websites for Video Compression)

Price: Free.

Its features is to Convert PDF files, Word documents, or videos. With AConvert, it is a simple process that requires minimal effort. However, you should know that AConvert can only compress videos smaller than 200 MB.

Convert online video compressor.

It would be best to first navigate to the video window to import a video from your computer’s hard drive or a file storage site like Dropbox. The Target Format dropdown menu lets you choose from various output video file formats, such as AVI, MP4, or MOV. You should then select to change the Video Size, Bit Rate, Frame Rate, or Video Aspect setting from the Options dropdown menu and proceed to select the new resolution from the Video Size menu. AConvert offers a great selection of preset resolutions and allows you to adjust the bitrate, which can further reduce the size of your video.


  • It offers powerful video file compression and conversion tools.
  • It does allow you to import videos from Dropbox or Google Drive.
  • A wide selection of output video file formats.
  • Rich resolution template library.


  • There are no batching features.
  • The maximum video size cannot exceed 200 MB.
  • File-sharing capabilities are limited.

3. Wondershare Uniconverter: (Best Websites for Video Compression)

Price: Free Trial available.

Wondershare Uniconverter is a free video compressor that reduces video and audio files effortlessly. Additionally, it supports over a thousand audio and video file formats, meaning you can compress Uniconverter videos recorded on various devices.

video compressor

Compressing a video with Uniconverter is a simple three-step process that requires you only to upload a video from a local hard drive. Next, you must select the resolution of the output video in its file format and choose the percentage to which a video will be compressed.


  • Fast upload and download speeds.
  • There is no watermark.
  • It Supports more than one thousand audio and video files.


  • The free version of this video compressor offers only limited options.

4.YouCompress: (Best Websites for Video Compression)

Price: Free.

This is a simple video compressor that allows you to lessen the size of audio, video, and image files. Additionally, you can lessen the size of an unlimited number of files (MP4, MP3, JPEG, or GIF) using YouCompress. However, video file compression is automatic, so you can’t adjust the output video resolution, file format, or bit rate.

YouCompress online video compressor

Simply import a video you would like to compress from your computer and click the Upload File and Compress buttons. It has no video file limit, so the file compression duration is based on the size of the original file.


  • Easy and fast compression of audio, video, and image files.
  • The simple file compression process.
  • Compressed videos do not have a watermark.


  • It is not possible to select the output file format.
  • Video compression settings are automatic.
  • There is no possibility to share files.

5. Video Compressor Online Video Compression: (Best Websites for Video Compression)

Price: Free.

In case you are looking for a video compressor that is reliable and easy to use, you should look no further than Online Converter. You can upload videos saved in different file formats from a URL or your computer.

Video Compressor Online Video Compression

Online Converter allows you to choose the video size you are compressing. It also offers several audio quality options. It would be best if you kept in mind that reducing the size of a file too much can cause the compression process to fail. So, avoid compressing videos more than necessary. Also, you can use Online Converter’s Video Resize tool to reduce the size of your online videos.


  • It Supports a vast range of video file formats.
  • Go up smoothly.
  • It allows users to put the desired output video size directly.


  • It does not allow users to choose the desired file format of the output video.
  • No support for encrypted video files.
  • The slow video compression process.
  • The island size limit is 200MB.

6. PS2PDF: (Best Websites for Video Compression)

Price: Free.

Compressing a video file with this web-based video compressor can be completed in three easy steps. You can transfer a file from a computer or use online storage like Dropbox or Google Drive for faster transfer speeds and then proceed to select the output codec. As the name suggests, this online video compressor can only output video files in MP4 format.

PS2PDF Online Video Compression

There are several ways to compress file size with PS2PDF, so you can choose whether you want to reduce videos by bitrate, preset quality, variable rate, or using constant rate. Opting for slower compression speeds will allow you to maintain the quality of a video, while speeding up the compression process will save you time but may result in poor output video quality.


  • Fast upload speeds from Google Drive and Dropbox.
  • There are no video file size limitations.
  • It offers several different compression methods.
  • Allows users to adjust the dimensions of the output video.


  • Supports only MP4 output file format.
  • There is no possibility to share files.
  • The quality of the final video is based on the speed of the compression process.

7. Zamzar: (Best Websites for Video Compression)

Price: Free, premium at $9.00 per month.

It is a file-converting platform that allows you to change the formats of videos, images, documents, or audio files. Additionally, you can also choose from different video presets that allow users to prepare video files for use on Vimeo, YouTube platforms, smartphones, and other devices.

Zamzar Online Video Compression

To compress a video file, you just have to transfer it to the platform through the URL or directly from your computer. Then, you need to select the output video file format,  then the Convert to drop-down menu, then Convert to start compressing a video. Depending on the video file format you have chosen, you can choose how much you want to compress a video.


  • Supports more than a thousand file formats.
  • The file conversion process is simple.
  • Unlimited daily file conversions.
  • Online storage space is included in all price packages.


  • It offers basic file compression features.
  • The free version of Zamzar only provides limited file conversion options.
  • The maximum size of a video file format you can compress with Zamzar depends on the subscription model you have.

8. CloudConvert: (Best Websites for Video Compression)

Price: Free, subscriptions start at $8.00 per month.

Converting audio, video, or image files with CloudConvert is easy. The platform offers different upload options that allow you to upload files from a URL, Google Drive, or OneDrive. There are over 200 file formats to choose from, allowing you to select the output video file format that best suits your needs.

Cloudconvert Online Video Compression

CloudConvert allows you to change a video’s resolution, aspect ratio, number of frames per second, and bit rate. Additionally, you can adjust the audio settings of each video you compress, so you can remove audio from a video entirely or adjust its bitrate or frequency.


  • Powerful video and compression tools.
  • A vast range of video files can be imported.
  • Excellent batch processing options.
  • It allows you to save the files to your Dropbox account after completing the compression.


  • The free version of CloudConvert has a file limit of 1GB.
  • You must purchase one of the pricing plans if you want to convert more than five files in a row.
  • Subscription model prices depend on conversion minutes.

9. ConvertFiles Online File Converter: (Best Websites for Video Compression)

Price: Free.

ConvertFiles is not the most powerful video compressor you can find on the market, but it can serve the needs of most non-professional users. Its biggest advantage is that it supports hundreds of presentations, e-books, drawing, image, audio, and video file formats. This allows you to change the file format of virtually any image, sound recording, video clip, or document.

Online video compressor converts files.

To start converting a video file, you just have to import it into the platform and then choose the output video file format you want. However, you will not be able to convert video files that are larger than 250MB.


  • The file conversion process is simple.
  • Supports a wide spectrum of audio, image, and video file formats.
  • Allows users to import videos via URL.
  • There is no watermark on the converted videos.


  • The maximum file size is limited to 250MB.
  • The file conversion process is slow.
  • Provides only basic file compression tools.

10. Clideo: (Best Websites for Video Compression)

Price: Free, premium plans start at $6.00 per month.

Clideo is a web-based video editing application that allows users to perform general video editing tasks with ease. In addition to cropping, rotating, or merging videos, you can also use Clideo to compress video files. After logging in to the platform through, you just have to click on the Compress video option.

Clideo Online Video Compression

Then, you will be able to upload a video file from your computer or online storage like Google Drive, Dropbox, or via URL, and Clideo will set all the compression parameters automatically. The free version of Clideo watermarks all the videos you compress, and you have to opt for a subscription plan if you want to edit your videos or remove watermarks from them after the compression process is complete.


  • It offers several methods to reduce the size of video files.
  • It provides video editing tools.
  • The login process is easy via Facebook or Google.
  • The video compression process is fast.


  • The video compression process is automatic.
  • It is not possible to choose the output video file format.
  • The free version generates watermarks on the video.


The size of a video that you recorded with a digital camera or smartphone can sometimes stop you from sharing it with your friends and colleagues. You can solve this problem by using any of the free online video compressors we introduced in this article. Which free online video compressor are you going to choose? You can also use the video downloader app freely. Leave a comment below and share your thoughts with us.