15 Best Benefits of Using Stormgain Islamic Account

StormGain is happy to announce the arrival of a highly anticipated product on its platform: the new Stormgain Islamic Account for Muslim traders, thus bringing all the possibilities of the world of cryptocurrencies closer to those clients who wish to operate ethically by their religious convictions and beliefs.

To create an Islamic account, register here. Remember that Islamic accounts are not available for users who already have an account on our platform.

15 Best Benefits of Stormgain Islamic Account

Stormgain Islamic Account Main Features

The StormGain trading platform has a vast range of benefits for cryptocurrency traders. These benefits include an intuitive interface, immediate registration, and the ability to trade from any device, 7×24, etc. We will focus on the main aspects:

Intuitive interface with Stormgain Islamic Account

A simple and easy-to-use interface makes StormGain stand out in the extensive list of trading platforms. It provides maximum functionality so that traders can focus on making trades. You can open and close trades, create exchange orders, and cancel trading orders, as well as deposit and withdraw funds easily. Even beginners taking their first steps in the cryptocurrency market can easily trade after registering and funding their account.

Quick registration with Stormgain Islamic Account

StormGain has a quick and easy registration process compared to many other cryptocurrency trading platforms. On other platforms, you need to go through a multi-stage verification process lasting several days before you can start trading. With StormGain, you can enter the cryptocurrency market immediately after filling out a simple form with your email and password.

Main cryptocurrencies with Stormgain Islamic Account

You don’t need to waste time looking for the most exciting asset for trading. Join StormGain and trade the cryptocurrencies that interest 95% of crypto traders. People can trade pairs such as Bitcoin/Tether, Litecoin/Tether, Ethereum/Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash/Tether, Litecoin/Bitcoin, Ripple/Tether, Ethereum/Tether, Dash/Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash/Bitcoin. Please don’t waste time on useless research; use it to close successful trades with StormGain.

Clear and low rates with Stormgain Islamic Account

When you open a trade on StormGain, you don’t need to do complex calculations to determine the trading fees. You can see the commission of your operation in the same window. There are no commissions for maintaining the account or using the trading platform. Additionally, intraday cryptocurrency traders can trade on StormGain as the position transfer (swap) fee is only charged once per day.

Trading is available 24/7 from any device with Stormgain Islamic Account

The cryptocurrency market operates 24×7 hours a day. Therefore, StormGain offers the possibility of trading 7×24/365—no technical interruptions, holidays, or weekends. You can take advantage of opportunities in the market at any time. You can access StormGain from any device through a web terminal, as well as use the applications for iOS and Android operating systems.

Professional market analysis tools with Stormgain Islamic Account

The StormGain trading platform has a vast range of technical analysis tools. You can use one or several tools directly on the chart of the cryptocurrency of your choice with just a few clicks. You can implement the most complicated trading strategies and obtain the maximum profit with the tools available.

Demo account with Stormgain Islamic Account

You don’t need to spend your cryptocurrencies to try trading. Use the StormGain demo account and trade with all the features you would get with the real account, completely free. You can easily switch from the demo to the live account when ready to start trading. And you can also do the reverse change if you want to try new trading strategies.

Stormgain Islamic Account Benefits

StormGain is a unique trading platform. It has several features that not only provide you with a convenient tool to earn from cryptocurrency price movements but also help you save time and money.


StormGain has the most flexible and adjustable system that allows you to trade with more funds than a trader would have. This is possible by using a multiplier of up to 1:100. A multiplier allows you to make more profits from trading. Suppose you have opened a $1,000 trade in Bitcoin, and Bitcoin grows from $10,000 to $10,075. If you do not use a multiplier, your profit will be 7.5 dollars. If you use an x100 multiplier, you will win $750.

Easy account deposit by Stormgain Islamic Account

You can fund your trading account in both cryptocurrencies and fiat money. You can transfer your cryptocurrency from any wallet or crypto exchange to your StormGain account. On the transfer, you can convert it to Tether and start trading.

If you don’t have cryptocurrency, you can deposit money into your account with the help of your bank card. Simply choose the “Buy cryptocurrency with credit or debit card” option. You will be redirected to the payment system site, where you must enter your card details. After payment is processed, your funds will automatically be converted to the cryptocurrency of your choice.

Learn to win with Stormgain Islamic Account

StormGain allows you to learn quickly the basics of trading and immediately use that knowledge in practice. The unique “Education” section within the StormGain trading platform contains short video tutorials. They cover the most popular questions like “What is Tether?”, “How to trade StormGain?” and other essential knowledge to successfully trade StormGain.

Other opportunities to make money with Stormgain Islamic Account

If you are not a crypto trader, you can still benefit from cooperation with StormGain.

10% guaranteed income with Stormgain Islamic Account

If you are interested in passive income, StormGain offers you the opportunity to receive 10% annual interest. You must fund your account between 100 USDT and 50,000 USDT to take advantage of this opportunity. The interest amount will be added to your account daily based on the sum of the total remaining balance in your account.

Profitable Affiliate Program with Stormgain Islamic Account

StormGain has an Affiliate Program that makes it possible for those who don’t trade to make money. Sign up as an affiliate and get access to a catalog of high-converting traffic monitoring systems, marketing materials, and personal support from our affiliate team. Attract customers to StormGain and earn and get your money. Payments are made in a way convenient for you via Skrill, PayPal, WebMoney, Yandex Money, QIWI, or Bitcoin wallets.

What makes this new account different for Muslim traders?

The precepts of Islam prohibit so-called riba (usury) or gharar (gambling). A Muslim account allows you to operate in the markets by the principles of Islamic law. Consequently, the new account for Muslim traders is swap-free and does not earn interest or generate rollover commissions.

The adaptation of the world of cryptocurrencies to the Islamic banking philosophy has been the subject of discussion among numerous experts. There was initially some skepticism regarding this new technology. However, as the financial community became better acquainted with this new type of asset, numerous entrepreneurs within the Muslim world strove to create tools that would help reconcile cryptocurrency with the financial practices permitted by Sharia law. Likewise, Islamic banking experts agree that blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies could create significant opportunities within the Muslim world, especially in those regions where traditional banking services are insufficient or inequitable. In this context,maslaha (public interest).

The best cryptocurrency platform in the global market

StormGain was created to bring and facilitate investment in cryptocurrencies to all audiences, and in our community, there is room for people of all confessions and convictions. Muslim users can now enjoy the exclusive benefits of the StormGain platform. This includes access to our award-winning, intuitive, and easy-to-use interface from both the web and our smartphone app, being served by friendly and responsive customer service, storing assets securely in numerous integrated crypto wallets, and enjoying up to 300x interest-free leverage on significant cryptocurrency pairs.


In conclusion, Using the Stormgain Islamic Account will be the best option for Muslim people to make money in a Halal way.

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