3 Best Methods to Change The Tenda Wifi Password On The Tenda Router

In today’s digital age group, a strong, safe, and sound Wi-Fi relationship is critical for our lifestyle. Whether it’s intended for performance, entertainment, or verbal exchanges, we all rely on your Wi-Fi networks to settle coupled. However, to ensure the safety of this circle, it truly is crucial to modify one’s Tenda WiFi password habitually.


In this detailed information, we are going to show you a number of methods to modify the actual Tenda WiFi password with your Tenda router. So, we should get started.

Changing Your Tenda WiFi Password: A Step-by-Step Guide

Why Change Your Tenda WiFi Password?


Before we delve into the methods, let’s briefly discuss why it’s essential to change your Tenda WiFi password regularly. Here are a few compelling reasons:


Habitually altering an individual’s Wi-Fi security can help secure your current community via unauthorized admittance, maintaining your own privacy together with confidential tips.

Prevent Unauthorized Usage

Shifting any security suggests that mainly qualified consumers can easily connect with your current circle, stopping friends or possibly guests with benefits of the bandwidth.

Stay Ahead of Security Threats

Cyber scourges tend to be persistently originating. Shifting any Wireless security is mostly a hands-on phase to avoid prospective stability breaches.



Now, let’s explore the methods to change your Tenda WiFi password.

3 Best Methods to Change The Tenda Wifi Password

Here are the 3 best methods to change your Tenda Wifi Password;

Method 1: Using the Tenda Web Interface


Connect to Your Tenda Router:

Confirm your printer and phone unit is certainly attached to a person’s Tenda router as well by having a wired or possibly Wi-Fi relationship.


Open up some sort of browser and additionally enter into that router’s IP handle. Automagically, it has been 192. 168. 0. 1 and/or 192. 168. 1. 1.

Log In to the Router:

You’re going to be asked to make sure you enter into one’s own router’s username and password. Take advantage of the default login testimonials and also your own tailored styles if you have evolved these products previously.

Access Wireless Settings:

Demand the ‘Wireless’ or maybe the ‘WiFi’ portion of all the router surroundings.

Change the Password:

Select the actual ‘WiFi Password’ or maybe a ‘Pre-Shared Key’ opportunity.

Key in a different Wi-Fi compatibility account, plus check the idea.

Save the Changes:

Following stepping into the ultra-modern account, protect the actual improvements just by visiting ‘Apply’ and ‘Save. no

Reconnect Devices:

If your modifications usually are able to save, you ought to reconcile any systems while using a unique security password.

Method 2: Using the Tenda Mobile App

Install the Tenda WiFi App:

Obtain as well as use your Tenda Wi-fi app in the device’s software package stow.

Open the App:

Release all the software not to mention signing in for your Tenda account.

Access Your Router:

Faucet over the router world-famous to get into your current Tenda router spaces.

Change WiFi Settings:

Demand ‘WiFi Settings’ or even ‘Wireless’ area.

Modify Password:

Find the actual ‘WiFi Password’ opportunity along with providing a newly purchased password.

Save Changes:

Save you the actual modifications, and the software package will certainly make an application the brand new password for your router.

Method 3: Using the WPS Button (For Some Tenda Routers)

Locate the WPS Button:

Get the WPS button in the software for your Tenda router. It will be constantly labeled as ‘WPS’ or even provide a WPS token.

Press the WPS Button:

Marketing, as well as secure the WPS key for a couple of seconds so that the BROUGHT indicator starts off blinking.

Connect Devices:

On your own tools, choose the Tenda mobile phone network within all the list obtainable Wi-Fi compatibility networks.

Input the newest account the moment prompted.

Confirm Connection:

When joined, make sure any products are generally successfully plugged into the actual Wi-Fi community along with the new username and password.


In summary, adjusting a person’s Tenda WiFi password can be a straightforward, however significant task for boosting one’s own network’s security and safety. By means of following the solutions stated in such a manual; it is simple to replace a person’s account as well as keep your Wireless network is a guarantee.


Make sure to complete this approach upkeep endeavor regularly to live your tip prior to possibilities of basic safety hazards. Understand that a deep, in addition to exceptional account, is actually main to shielding any multi-level plus very own files. Maintain your Tenda WiFi password safe and sound, and enjoy your worry-free on-the-net practical experience.




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