5+ Best Keyboarding Online Test To Your Speed and Accuracy

Each typing and keyboarding online test has its own unique approach, so make sure to examine the commands before diving in. It’s essential to understand how the take a look at starts off and the way lengthy it’s going to be closing.

Discover your typing pace and accuracy with those fantastic typing and keyboarding online tests. Whether you are a pro typist aiming to enhance your WPM (words in line with minute) or a newbie simply starting, these equipment have were given you covered. Before you dive into the typing challenge, right here’s what you need to know.

Variety of Tests: Each typing test operates uniquely, so make sure to read the instructions. Choose a check that fits your skill level and goals.

WPM and Accuracy: After completing the check, you may receive your WPM rating, which famous your common typing velocity. You’ll also get an accuracy rating, both as various or percentage, indicating your mistakes.

Now unlock your typing practice ability and improve your speed and accuracy. And reach your typing dreams with those free typing and keyboarding online tests.

Explore The Best Free Keyboarding Online Test Available

Explore The Best Free Keyboarding Online Test Available

Explore The Best Free Keyboarding Online Test Available

If you’ve ever questioned just how rapid and correct your typing talents are, free typing checks are the right tool for you. These exams allow you to gauge your typing talents, supplying insights into your typing speed and accuracy. Understanding your current degree is critical for putting practical typing dreams and improving your common performance.

After finishing a keyboarding online test, you may receive your WPM (phrases in keeping with minute) rating, indicating what number of phrases you can kind on average in one minute. Additionally, you’ll get hold of an accuracy score, presented either as a numerical fee or a percentage, reflecting the quantity of mistakes made at some stage in the check.

For those targeted on honing their typing pace, keyboarding online test a look at are a extraordinary choice, helping you degree and doubtlessly improve your WPM. If you are simply beginning out with typing or want a heat-up earlier than taking the exams, you may additionally explore free typing speed test online game, which give an enjoyable and easy manner to exercise.

5+ Best Keyboarding Online Tests to Test Your Typing Speed 

5+ Best Keyboarding Online Test to Test Your Typing Speed

5+ Best Keyboarding Online Tests to Test Your Typing Speed


What We Like: Shows how you examine with others, lets you select the check length, available in several languages.

What We Don’t Like: Can’t use custom word sets, masses of internet site commercials.

TypingTest.Com is consumer-pleasant and offers a variety of texts to choose from, with a time restrict between one to ten minutes. It calculates your WPM and shows your complex keys to help you improve.


  • Offers tests with periods you can pick.
  • Provides comparisons with other users.
  • Features an intuitive user interface with minimum distractions.
  • Multiple language support and a variety of sample texts.

2. TypeLit.Io

What We Like: Unique method, supports numerous languages.

What We Don’t Like: Importing custom textual content is not unfastened.

TypeLit.Io stands out as it makes use of actual books like ‘1984’ and ‘Alice in Wonderland’ for exercise. Your progress is saved automatically, and your WPM and accuracy are calculated as you kind.


  • Provides a unique technique by the usage of real books as take a look at material.
  • Offers a choice of traditional books to kind from.
  • Progress is routinely stored, and effects are calculated as you kind.

3. FreeTypingGame.Internet

  • What We Like: Lets you personalize how the test works, presents a way to compete with others, several timer options.
  • What We Don’t Like: Harsher scoring than similar tests.

FreeTypingGame.Net gives 40 textual content blocks of varying problem and period. You can even pick to pressure two areas after periods or permit backspacing. Mistakes are highlighted, and you could publish your score to the scoreboard.


  • Customizable checking out options.
  • A aggressive element with rating submission.
  • Offers numerous timer settings and various check texts.
  • Highlights mistakes for evaluation.

4. TypeRacer

  • What We Like: Integrates the test into a recreation, rapid-paced, suggests your speed compared to different gamers.
  • What We Don’t Like: Has too many pop-ups, doesn’t permit test customization, should correct errors.

TypeRacer turns typing checks into a race against other typists. You’ll get a pace studying, accuracy percent, and a precis of your mistakes at the stop.


  • Gamifies typing assessments with aggressive races in opposition to different gamers.
  • Provides velocity and accuracy metrics.
  • Includes a put up-race review of your typing overall performance.

5. Key Hero

  • What We Like: Easy to begin new tests, every check has exceptional text, works in lots of languages.
  • What We Don’t Like: No way to be tested on custom text.

Key Hero calculates your speed and accuracy as you type random sentences in over a dozen languages.


  • Offers a easy and person-friendly enjoy.
  • Supports diverse languages.
  • Provides distinct texts for every test.
  • Keeps music of your past rankings with a free account.

6. PowerTyping

  • What We Like: Tests are of varying lengths, helps you to publish your rating to compete with others, exercise with custom textual content.
  • What We Don’t Like: You need to correct errors, typing container receives cluttered as you kind.

PowerTyping offers over 20 text blocks, helps over 50 languages, and permits you to apply your very own text for checking out.


  • Wide choice of texts and languages.
  • Allows trying out with custom text.
  • Offers numerous stats, consisting of errors in line with minute.

7. 10FastFingers

  • What We Like: Uses one-of-a-kind words than most typing checks, clean interface, helps custom words, works with dozens of languages.
  • What We Don’t Like: Can’t change the check length for a few checks, lots of commercials.

10FastFingers makes use of random words to assess your typing & keyboarding online tests. It’s trustworthy and offers a easy interface with minimum distractions.


  • Uses random phrases instead of sentences for testing.
  • Clean and simple interface.
  • Provides enormous stats and scores among customers.

8. Speed Typing Online

  • What We Like: Simple layout, consists of famous pattern text, provides check perspectives, lots of put up-check stats, presents a hyperlink to share your outcomes.
  • What We Don’t Like: Can’t change the language, huge website commercials.

Speed Typing Keyboarding Online Test lets you to select distinct texts or input your personal custom text for checking out.


  • Offers the choice to write down your personal custom textual content.
  • Provides different check perspectives.
  • Displays various submit-check information.

Regardless of your typing skill stage, these unfastened typing & keyboarding online tests may be a precious useful resource for enhancing your pace and accuracy. So, cross beforehand and choose the one that suits your choices and start typing away!”