Best 9+ Facebook Story Downloaders For Android, iPhone & Browsers

Facebook story downloading is made easy with tools that don’t require sign-ups or external applications. One of the first social media platforms was Facebook. Despite the constant influx of new programs throughout the years, it still has a loyal user base. Features of Facebook Stories provide a goldmine of engaging posts.

Ever come across intriguing images and videos when browsing through these stories and wish you could keep them? Despite Facebook’s lack of a built-in download function, there is a workaround: a Facebook Story downloader.

We introduced the idea of a Facebook Story downloader, a useful tool for archiving priceless images and videos, in a recent article on how to view old Facebook Stories. The good news is this article will introduce the 9+ best free apps available, tailored to download Facebook Stories with ease. Whether you’re an Android or iOS mobile user or you prefer browsing on your desktop, there’s an app that’s perfect for you.

How To Facebook Story Download [5 Methods]

How To Facebook Story Download [5 Methods]

How To Facebook Story Download [5 Methods]

Part 1: Download Facebook Stories Online 

Downloading Facebook stories is made easy with online tools that don’t require sign-ups or external applications. Here are three online tools to help you download Facebook stories:

    • Access the webpage
    • Paste the Facebook story link and click download
    • Choose your desired video quality
    • Right-click on the story and copy the link
    • Visit and paste the link
    • Click download and select the video quality
  • Getvid
    • Open the Getvid webpage in your browser
    • Copy the URL from the Facebook story
    • Paste the URL in the box and click download, choosing the quality

Part 2: Download Facebook Story with Chrome Extensions 

Chrome extensions offer a convenient way to download Facebook stories. Here are two recommended extensions:

  • Story Saver
    • Install the extension from the Chrome Web Store
    • Visit the Facebook story you want to download
    • Click the download symbol in the Story Saver extension box
  • Download Facebook Videos
    • Download the extension from the Chrome Web Store
    • Open Facebook via the extension
    • Click the download button and choose the quality

Part 3: Download Facebook Story on Mobile 

If you prefer downloading Facebook stories on your mobile device, here are three applications for the job:

  • Save Story for Facebook Stories-Download
    • Download and launch the app from Google Playstore
    • Log in and open the Facebook story you want to download
    • Click the two dots at the bottom and select download
  • Story Saver FB
    • Install the app from Google Playstore
    • Launch the app and choose the Facebook story you want
    • Click the yellow download button
  • Facebook Story Saver
    • Download and launch the lightweight app
    • Copy the link of the desired Facebook story
    • Paste the link in the app to download the video

Part 4: Download a Facebook Story with Music 

To download a Facebook story with music, you can use the Story Saver extension:

  • Install the Story Saver Extension
    • Find Story Saver extension on Chrome Web Store and add it to Chrome
    • Click on the extension symbol at the top right corner and select save
  • Locate the File
    • Open the download folder to check the video with music in your media player

Part 5: Downloading Facebook Stories Anonymously 

If you wish to download Facebook stories anonymously, consider using the Friendly Social Browser application:

  • Download Friendly Social Browser
    • Search for “Friendly Social Browser” on your phone or PC and install it
  • Download Story Anonymously
    • Tap on a video or photo in a Facebook story and click download

9+ Facebook Story Downloaders For Android, iPhone & Browsers

9+ Facebook Story Downloaders For Android, iPhone & Browsers

9+ Facebook Story Downloaders For Android, iPhone & Browsers

Part 1. Top Facebook Story Saver App for Android & iPhone

Comparing multiple apps in the field, we have selected the 4 best apps that you can use to download stories on iPhone or Android. This kind of app is lightweight and easy to use. What you need to do is only to paste the post link to it.

1. Video Downloader – Save Video Free In Android


  • Free to download Facebook videos
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Supports searching Facebook videos directly


  • Log-in is required
  • Ads on the user interface
  • Price: Free

2. HD Video Downloader (Android)


  • Free version available
  • Provides multiple video editing tools
  • Supports browsing Facebook login directly


  • Need to watch ads and pop-ups
  • Price: Free

3. Any Video Saver (iOS)


  • Able to download Facebook videos and photos
  • Free to save Facebook stories
  • Also can store and play videos


  • Limited features in the free version
  • Price: Free version available

Part 2. Best Facebook Story Downloaders Online

Online video downloading tools work on any device and system, and are a nice choice for those who are reluctant to install third-party apps. They are also simpler to use compared to those desktop versions.

These web resources are solely for downloading audio and video; they cannot be used to edit your Facebook stories or add music to your Facebook page, for example. The next four internet tools are effective at storing Facebook stories. Look at the benefits and cons of each product before choosing one to use.

1. FBVideoDown


  • Free to use
  • High data security
  • Unlimited downloads of Facebook stories


  • Download Facebook videos in MP4 format only
  • Price: Free to access

2. Toolzu Facebook Video Downloader


  • Free to use
  • Download Facebook stories within seconds
  • Download videos in 1080p


  • Not able to select output video format and quality
  • Price: Free to download

3. Getfvid


  • Free to download and save Facebook stories
  • Fast loading and downloading speed
  • No registration is required


  • Ads on the dashboard
  • Price: Free to use



  • Free to download Facebook stories
  • Download video in high-quality
  • Supports multiple languages


  • Ads on the webpage
  • Price: Free

Part 3. Best Facebook Story Downloader Browser Extensions

On your Windows or Mac computer when you need to download Facebook stories. These browser extensions for downloading Facebook stories are also excellent choices. You can perform tasks on Chrome that the default application does not allow you to.

With the Facebook Story Downloader Chrome extension, you can download your favorite Facebook stories directly. Here are the 4 best Facebook Story downloader extensions on Chrome you can refer to.

1. Story Saver


  • Download both Facebook videos and photos
  • Easy and fast to operate
  • No log-in is required


  • Not able to select output story resolution
  • Price: Free

2. Video Downloader Plus


  • Free to use
  • Supports many video formats
  • Output videos in 1080p


  • Only for video stories
  • Price: Free version accessible

3. Video Downloader Ultimate


  • Free to use
  • Supports saving videos in various formats
  • Download Facebook at a fast speed


  • Not available for downloading photos
  • Price: Free

4. DownAlbum


  • Download both videos and photos
  • Free to use


  • A little complicated to download Facebook stories
  • Price: Free

FAQs for Facebook Story Downloading

Can You Save Someone’s Facebook Story? 

You cannot directly download others’ stories on Facebook account. But you may easily save someone else’s Facebook story with practical Facebook story downloaders..

How Can I Download Facebook Video Stories Online? 

Find a useful online Facebook downloader. When using an internet downloader, copy the link to the Facebook video you wish to download and paste it there. You can effectively download Facebook video stories online in this manner.

What Is the Best Facebook Story Downloader? 

You can download Facebook Messenger stories using a variety of online and offline applications and software. The top eleven Facebook article downloaders are introduced in the paragraph above. You can select one after comparison.

Wrap Up

Facebook story downloaders may not be a built-in feature, but with the methods provided in this guide, you can easily save your favorite stories. Whether you prefer online tools, Chrome extensions, or mobile applications, choose the method that suits your preferences and enjoy Facebook story downloading hassle-free. Keep in mind that some tools may not work with private accounts.

Your preferred Facebook account posts can be saved in the local folder using the finest Facebook story downloaders mentioned above. There are always two sides to everything, including those downloader tools. Please compare their pros and cons and then pick the most suitable one to use.


Without the publisher’s express permission, do not download stories. To protect privacy and copyright, these tools should be used carefully.