90 short Instagram love status for your posts

Do you want to proclaim your love to the four winds? Do you feel like getting romantic on social networks? Here, you have 250 beautiful love statuses to accompany your Instagram photos.

Love status

Oh, how beautiful love is! There are few feelings that are more incredible, intense, and powerful than this, right? Able to make us commit some crazy thing, to move mountains (in a figurative sense, of course), and to even transcend time and space, love is always there to fill our hearts with warmth and our stomachs with butterflies. And be careful, we are not just talking about the most traditional romantic love: there is also brotherly love (there is nothing like mother’s love), the love we have for friends, self-love… which at the end of the day! They are just as important and necessary! Therefore, to celebrate, we bring you here a few love statuses for your very beautiful Instagram posts.

Do you also love to show all the love you have for your loved ones? Are you a romantic and sensitive person? Do you consider yourself deeply emotional? Are you falling in love and want to express what you feel? Well, you are in the right place, friend.

Here, we leave you a list of beautiful love statuses about this feeling that you will like to share everywhere. And not just lip service, by WhatsApp message or in letters or dedications. You will also do it with a beautiful Instagram love status! And social networks have become a good way to connect with others and show the world our emotions, so… why not take advantage of them with a very loving and cute ‘caption’ that reflects your happiness and your adoration for something or someone? Well that.

These statuses are short, beautiful and simple (but very concise) and will help you give a little context to romantic photos with your partner, if you have one; but also to accompany photographs of beautiful landscapes or trips, ‘selfies’ or any other random image that you feel like uploading and for which you don’t have a good text thought out (something that has happened to all of us at some point). Don’t miss them and you know, write them down: you will like them a lot!

23 short love status for Instagram for a couple

Have you uploaded a photo with your partner? Do you want to congratulate him on a birthday or anniversary? Here are some very beautiful Instagram love status for a couple . Be careful, they are the perfect love status to say “I love you” (so think carefully first). Here are our status about true love that will make your heart soft…

  1. I love you in colors you haven’t seen yet.
  2. I love you. It’s that simple. Just like that always.
  3. Loving is not looking at each other; It is looking together in the same direction.
  4. You and I; my favorite phrase.
  5. Love is a crime that cannot be carried out without an accomplice.
  6. My favorite place in the world is in your arms.
  7. The soul that can express with its eyes, can also kiss with its gaze.
  8. There is always a little madness in love, there is always a little reason in madness.
  9. The wise is wise because he loves. The madman is mad because he thinks he can understand love.
  10. True love is like the wind: it is not seen, but it is felt.
  11. I would prefer a minute by your side than a life without you.
  12. Love me without questions, I will love you without answers.
  13. Stay with whoever kisses your soul, anyone can kiss your skin.
  14. If heartbeats had names, mine would have yours.
  15. I love how love loves. I don’t know any other reason to love than to love you.
  16. Love does not look with the eyes, but with the soul.
  17. Love doesn’t need to be perfect, it just needs to be true.
  18. I have always liked to say things by their name, that’s why I call you love.
  19. Some birds, when they fall in love, stay together for their entire lives. We fly together?
  20. If I had to start my life over, I would try to find you much sooner.
  21. A world is born when two kiss.
  22. It all comes down to the last person you think of at night. That’s where your heart is.
  23. Love is just a word until someone comes along to make sense of it.

10 short love status for Instagram for a loved one

Beautiful love status to dedicate to a mother , messages for a sister. these love status for Instagram for a loved one are super sweet and emotional. You can use them if you upload a photo with your family, with your group of friends… to show how much you appreciate and love them. They will be very excited!

  1. If you only have a smile, give it to the people you love.
  2. There are no limits to the power of love.
  3. Laughing with another is the greatest symptom of love.
  4. Who can say how much he loves, little love he feels.
  5. There is only one remedy for love: love more.
  6. If I know what love is, it is thanks to you.
  7. The smile is mine, but the reason is you.
  8. Loving is nothing, being loved is something. Loving and being loved is everything.
  9. Neither absence nor time are anything when you love.
  10. A sigh lasts a few seconds, a pure love lasts a lifetime.

17 short love status for Instagram, beautiful and romantic

You don’t have to have a partner or be in love to use beautiful and romantic love status for Instagram. These are so short and simple that they are perfect to use as ‘captions’ with any photo. They are positive status and short status for your Instagram posts that never hurt…

  1. Love is friendship on fire.
  2. Lets fall in love, be my guest.
  3. In every love story there is always something that brings us closer to eternity.
  4. Love does not demand possessions, but gives freedom.
  5. Love has no cure, but it is the only cure for all ills.
  6. Love is the poetry of the senses.
  7. Love never brings anything good. Love always brings something better.
  8. There is no better makeup than self-love.
  9. Only we can learn to love by loving.
  10. What if love was stronger than gravity?
  11. Everything that is done for love is done beyond good and evil.
  12. It is very poor love that can be evaluated.
  13. In matters of love, crazy people are the ones who have the most experience.
  14. True love stories never have an ending.
  15. Love is the ultimate philosophy of earth and heaven.
  16. The measure of love is to love without measure.
  17. Where the love reigns, laws left over.

15 short love status for Instagram in English

Let’s be honest, there are certain things (like song lyrics) that sound better in English. As an example, these short love status for Instagram in English that, without a doubt, will make it very clear what you feel for that special person. .

  1. In your eyes, I found my home. (In your eyes, I found my home).
  2. Every beat of my heart whispers your name. (Every beat of my heart whispers your name).
  3. You are the canvas on which I paint my dreams. (You are the canvas on which I paint my dreams).
  4. With you, I’ve discovered a love that transcends time and space. (With you, I have discovered a love that transcends time and space).
  5. With you, love is an adventure I never want to end. (With you, love is an adventure that I never want to end).
  6. Your love is the anchor that keeps me grounded. (Tu amor es el ancla que me mantiene firme).
  7. With you, love is an adventure I never want to end. (With you, love is an adventure that I never want to end).
  8. In your smile, I find something more beautiful than the stars. (In your smile, I find something more beautiful than the stars).
  9. I never want to stop making memories with you. (Nunca quiero dejar de crear recuerdos contigo).
  10. Love is not about how many days, months, or years you’ve been together. It’s about how much you love each other every single day. El amor no se trata de cuántos días, meses o años han estado juntos. Se trata de cuánto se aman el uno al otro cada día).
  11. I want to be your favorite hi/hello and hardest goodbye. (Quiero ser tu saludo favorito y tu despedida más difícil).
  12. I love you more than words can speek. (Te amo más de lo que las palabras pueden expresar).
  13. You are the reason I believe in love. (Eres la razón por la que creo en el amor.)
  14. Love is when the other person’s happiness is more important than your own. (El amor es cuando la felicidad de la otra persona es más importante que la tuya.)
  15. Love is the bridge that connects two hearts. (El amor es el puente que conecta dos corazones).

Do you want to do the same but in a more original way? Pay attention to these short and beautiful Instagram love status. And if what you prefer is to raise the temperature a little in private, don’t miss these sexual status to say to your sexting partner .

15 short self-love status for Instagram

And, because there is no more important love than the one we profess to ourselves, this selection could not miss some short self-love status to accompany your Instagram photos and inspire all your followers.

  1. Love yourself first and everything else will fall into place.
  2. You are enough just the way you are, you don’t need to change to be loved.
  3. Value yourself and others will do the same.
  4. There is no one like you and that is your superpower.
  5. Accept your imperfections, they are what makes you unique and special.
  6. Never forget that you are valuable and worthy of all the good things that life has to offer you.
  7. You are the owner of your own destiny and you have the power to create the life you want.
  8. Give yourself permission to be selfish when it comes to your happiness and well-being.
  9. You are your best company, learn to love and enjoy yourself.
  10. Accept who you are right now and trust in who you can become.
  11. Self-love is a lifelong journey, a commitment to yourself to care for yourself, respect yourself and value yourself.
  12. Do not compare yourself with others. You are unique and have intrinsic value that no one else can offer the world.
  13. Don’t let fear and doubt stop you from shining. You deserve everything good you get.
  14. Don’t look for external validation. Everything you need is inside you.
  15. When you love yourself, you give yourself permission to be authentic and live life by your own rules.