Top 6 best correct grammar software for academic writing

Correct grammar software is a necessary thing for academic writing. Good academic writing is the key to understanding scientific advances. It must be clear and unambiguous so that the reader can understand the results that the author wants to convey. However, the preparation of any academic writing is not an easy process. It is necessary to get help from correct grammar software. It involves reflections on the order and the correct way of transmitting the information that is structured in clear sentences related to each other in a coherent way to form paragraphs that integrate the information without excesses or losses. 


Importance of correct grammar software in academic writing


The review of academic writing requires more considerations than the correction of general writing since academic writing must be objective and precise, requires a certain structure and uses technical language specific to the area of ​​knowledge in which the writing is developed. For this reason, researchers need revisions to correct errors with the help of correct grammar software in the language used. It also help them satisfy the particular requirements of the journal to which they intend to submit their article.


What are the best correct grammar software?


The most commonly used correct grammar software for academic writing are Trinka AI, Grammarly, Ginger, Hemingway, ProWriting Aid, and Typely. Let’s see below its features and benefits, with special emphasis on Trinka AI, an excellent academic corrector whose development is based on artificial intelligence.


Trinka AI

best correct grammar software for academic writing

It is a new generation correct grammar software and style checker that works based on artificial intelligence and has been specially designed for technical and formal writing. It contains advanced built-in tools that, in addition to checking grammar, spelling, and punctuation, offer options to improve your writing style. It offers a free version with access to all features up to 10,000 words per month and 2 monthly credits for automatic editing and control checks.

The Premium version offers unlimited use of features, 5 monthly credits for automatic editing and control checks, and access to new features as they are developed. The cost of the Premium version is 20 dollars per month, or if the payment is made annually, it is 80 dollars in total. Its access is in the cloud for both versions, and it also has an extension for Chrome and other browsers. The Premium version also has an extension for MS Word.



best correct grammar software for academic writing

It is an English correct grammar software assistant with cloud access whose origin dates back to 2009. The free version features basic writing checks like spelling, grammar, and concise sentence suggestions. While the Premium version offers style corrections, plagiarism detection, word selection and use of formal language. The cost of the individual Premium version is $30 per month or $144 annually. Both versions have online access as well as extensions for Chrome and other browsers and for Office. It also offers a business version for groups of 3 to 149 people at a cost of 37.5 per month per member.



It is an assistant that helps correct grammar and style of texts in English. Contains definitions, synonyms and translation tools. Its interface is friendly and has extensions for browsers and Microsoft Office. Due to its use, it is more recommended for people learning English or those who need to translate it into other languages. It has a free version with limited grammar correction and paraphrasing functionalities and offers a Premium versionwith unlimited grammar checking and paraphrasing services, plus synonyms and instant text translation into 40 languages. The monthly cost of the Premium version is $19.99 and the annual cost is $149.76, although 30% discounts are usually offered that reduce costs to $13.99 and $89.88, respectively.



This is a simple correction tool for common English grammatical errors by highlighting sentences based on a color code that is removed when you make the correction. The program is available online or you can download the app for offline use. The online version is free but not very intuitive and does not have the functionality to save the text and does not correct spelling errors. However, it shows general characteristics of the text such as reading ease and time, as well as character, word, sentence and paragraph count. The download version costs $19.99.


ProWriting Aid

best correct grammar software for academic writing

It is an assistant and correct grammar software for writing in English that was created for bloggers, content writers, and novelists, although its use is especially recommended for fiction writers. Automatically checks and rectifies grammatical and punctuation errors, as well as spelling errors. This wizard can be used online and also offers extensions for browsers and Microsoft Office, as well as a downloadable version that has tools for a thorough grammar, style, and spelling check of documents. ProWriting Aid offers a free trial and has cost$20 for a monthly subscription, $70 for an annual subscription, and a one-time payment of $399 for a lifetime subscription.



It is a free correct grammar software in English recommended for writers and students but does not detect all spelling or consistency errors. The online version is quite intuitive and displays text statistics such as character and word count, as well as reading time and level, and ambient background sounds. It even has the functionality of reading the written text for whoever wants to listen to it and recording the document for subscribed users.


What is the most recommended grammar checker for academic writing?

As we have seen, the comparison of the 6 best grammar checkers gives us valuable information on which checker can be chosen, depending on the type of text to be corrected and the price we want to pay. Without a doubt, Typely is an excellent free option for correcting general texts, as well as the free and cost versions of Ginger and Hemingway, taking into account the limitations of each.


However, in the professional field, the best options for grammar checkers are Trinka AI, Grammarly and ProWriting Aid, of which Grammarly is the most expensive. But when it comes to academic writing, there is no doubt that the option is, by far, Trinka AI, which was designed especially for that purpose by Enago, which has more than 15 years of experience dedicated to editing academic texts and which It even offers free webinars focused on perfecting the way you write as well as articles to improve academic writing.