The best free YouTube video download apps (PC and Mac)

YouTube has become the go-to platform for looking at and sharing videos on a huge range of topics. Whether it is instructional content, music videos, tutorials, or vlogs, YouTube provides a big library of videos that cater to every interest.

However, there are instances when you would possibly desire to store these videos for offline viewing or to repurpose the content for your own projects. That’s where free YouTube video download apps come into play.

In this article, we’ll explore the best free YouTube video download apps for each PC and Mac, allowing you to maintain your favored videos at your fingertips.

Why YouTube video download?

Before we dive into the best free YouTube video download apps, let’s talk about why you would possibly choose to free YouTube video download in the first place. While streaming is convenient, downloading Videos offers quite a few benefits:

  1. Offline Viewing: Downloaded videos can be watched besides an internet connection, which is particularly beneficial when you’re touring or in areas with constrained connectivity.
  2. Content Repurposing: Content creators frequently download videos to use snippets in their very own videos, presentations, or academic materials.
  3. Avoiding Buffering: Slow internet connections can lead to buffering issues while streaming. Downloading movies eliminates this problem, offering clean playback.
  4. Archiving Favorites: By downloading videos, you can create your own archive of preferred videos that you can watch again and again besides relying on YouTube’s search.

With the advantages of downloading YouTube videos in mind, let’s discover the pinnacle free YouTube video download apps for both PC and Mac platforms.

Our list of the best free YouTube video download apps for both PC and Mac

The best free YouTube video downloader apps can let you watch videos offline on your go back and forth without any hassle, which is why we have discovered lots of easy-to-use apps to help you do that simply.

It is a real venture to watch your favorite YouTube videos, except having a Premium subscription that permits this for a fee.

The strategy of having a YouTube video is pretty easy: it on the whole involves grabbing the free YouTube video download URL and then the use of one of the websites below to download it.

WinX-HD Video Converter Deluxe is the most impressive of all the YouTube downloaders, we have tested. Not only does it take videos, but it can also convert them to virtually any format, rip content material from DVDs and Blu-ray discs, and let you burn your own. It also handles 4K YouTube video download material with ease. It’s not free, in contrast to the app program below, but you might not find an extra effective tool.

4K Video Downloader (PC and Mac)

4K Video Downloader is a famous choice for free YouTube video download due to its uncomplicated interface and complete features. This utility helps download videos in various resolutions, consisting of YouTube video download 1080p and YouTube video download 4K, allowing you to choose the fantastic that fits your needs. Additionally, it supports downloading complete playlists and channels, making it an effective device for content creators and educators.YouTube video download

ClipGrab (PC and Mac)

ClipGrab is another versatile option for free YouTube video download on both PC and Mac. It helps more than one video formats, along with YouTube video download MP4 and YouTube video download MP3, giving you the flexibility to download videos or just the audio. ClipGrab also aspects a built-in search function, making it effortless to discover and download videos directly from the application.YouTube video download

VLC Media Player (PC and Mac)

VLC Media Player, regarded for its sturdy media playback capabilities, can also be used to YouTube video download. While now not as intuitive as committed downloaders, VLC presents a hidden function that permits you to shop YouTube videos. Simply open VLC, go to “Media,” & go to “Open Network Stream,” paste the YouTube video download URL, and choose out the vacation spot folder for the downloaded video.YouTube video download

YTD Video Downloader (PC)

YTD Video Downloader is a simple software designed in particular for free YouTube video download. It provides a comfortable interface and allows you to pick out the video exceptional earlier than downloading. YTD Video Downloader even has a built-in video converter, enabling you to convert downloaded music videos into exceptional formats.YouTube video download

Airy (PC and Mac)

Airy is a YouTube video downloader solely handy for Mac users. It supports a type of video resolution, including YouTube video download 1080p and YouTube video download 4K, as well as the option to extract audio in MP3 format. Airy additionally integrates with popular web browsers, permitting you to download videos without delay while browsing YouTube.YouTube video download (Online)

For those who decide upon not to install extra app, provides an online solution for free YouTube video download. Simply paste the free YouTube video download link on their website, select the preferred quality and format, and initiate the download. It’s a speedy and handy way to retailer YouTube videos without delay to your device.YouTube video download

Online Video Converter (Online)

Online Video Converter is every other YouTube video download online free tool that lets in you to download and convert YouTube videos. It supports an extensive range of video and audio formats, giving you flexibility in deciding on the output format. Additionally, you can edit the video settings earlier than downloading, such as reducing the video or adjusting the quality.YouTube video download

YouTube Video Download Online

One of the most convenient methods to free YouTube video download is with the aid of the usage of online platforms. These systems take away the need to install additional software on your computer. Simply copy the YouTube video Download link, paste it into the online tool, and choose the favored formats (YouTube video download mp4 or YouTube video download mp3). Websites such as KeepVid and Y2Mate supply dependable online YouTube video download services, allowing you to shop videos effortlessly.

What is the difference between YouTube video download online and desktop apps?

There are many ways to YouTube video download, but two of the most frequent ways are online and computer apps. Online apps are web-based services that enable you to paste the YouTube video download link, you desire to download and pick the format and quality. Desktop apps are software applications that you deploy on your PC and offer extra elements and options than online apps. Some of the variations between these two strategies are:

  • Online apps are typically free and handy to use, but they may also have boundaries on the size, length, and range of videos you can download. They may also have commercials or pop-ups that can be stressful or unsafe. Online apps may also no longer work if the internet site is down or blocked by way of your network.
  • Desktop apps are generally paid or require registration, but they may provide quicker and more reliable YouTube video download, as nicely as batch downloading, video editing, and conversion tools. They can also additionally guide extra formats and resolutions than online apps. Desktop apps might also only work if your laptop is fast and has low storage space.


Thanks to the severa free YouTube video download apps available, you can without problems, download your favorite videos for offline viewing on your PC or Mac. Consider your preferences, requirements, and additional aspects when deciding on the proper app for you. Remember to appreciate copyright laws and utilize these tools responsibly.

With the range of preferences mentioned, such as online structures like KeepVid and Y2Mate, as properly as apps like VidMate, 4K Video Downloader, and ClipGrab, you can find the ideal answer to make YouTube video download an easy and enjoyable process.