The Best Mobile Number Tracker Apps for Android and iOS

Mobile number tracker is an important thing nowadays. Most of the time, you might remember to check on your loved one on time and go back to pick him up from where you left him. However, there are certain unfortunate circumstances where you may not remember where you lost your mobile phone. The situation can get even worse if the phone is in silent mode since it is more difficult to search for it even if it is under the sofa.


Due to the fast pace of life, we ​​lead, it is possible that you drop your phone on public transport when you are late for work or that you forget to pick it up from the table in a restaurant while having dinner with a friend.


Mobile number tracker Web services to track your phone

First, let’s review the Mobile number tracker websites that quickly provide location data for your lost smartphone.


GeoFinder – Mobile number tracker 

Mobile number tracker

GeoFinder.Mobi is a Mobile number tracker web application that uses the phone number to track a smartphone in a matter of minutes. The results are incredibly accurate and the app can track any phone number in the world.


The advantages of GeoFinder.Mobi are the following:


  • You can access location data from any smartphone, whether Android or iPhone.
  • The web application is compatible with all mobile network operators in the world.
  • No need to install any app. Simply access the web application and that’s it.


GeoFinder.Mobi costs $31.99 per month.



Mobile number tracker

Apple offers the Find My iPhone service on that reports the approximate location of your iPhone. However, there is a trick. To find your lost iPhone using Find My Phone, you must have completed its setup beforehand. Additionally, it can only provide location details if your lost iPhone is connected to the Internet.



Snoopza is a complete tracking and spying application for Android phones that offers a series of functions to track the mobile phone of children and spouses. The app uses GPS tracker to provide GPS location tracking option. You can take advantage of this feature to find your smartphone if it is lost.


You must install Snoopza on your smartphone before you want to track your GPS location. When your phone is lost, all you have to do is activate the tracking features, and you’re done! You will receive a notification about the device’s current location, along with details about any changes to it.

You can also keep the feature on at all times to get location history, which you can access from the control panel.


Android Compatible Phone Tracking Apps

These are the apps that can track your lost or stolen Android smartphone.


Find my Google device- Mobile number tracker 

Mobile number tracker

Google Find My Device, formerly known as Android Device Manager, is an effective mobile tracking app that helps users locate their lost Android phone and lock it remotely until it is located. This app also works perfectly with Android tablets and Smartwatches.


This application also allows you to erase data from your smartphone if you are sure that it has been stolen or you are in doubt about finding it.


The functions of the Google Find My Device application are as follows:


  • Find your Android smartphone, tablet or smartwatch on a map. If you cannot access the current location, you will be able to see the last one.
  • Indoor maps will help you find your device in public places like airports, shopping malls, etc.
  • Play a ringtone on your device even if it is in silent mode.
  • Wipe your device and display a custom message with contact details on the lock screen
  • Access details such as network and battery status and hardware details.


Google’s smartphone Mobile number tracker app can be used to locate any of the Android devices using your PC or other smartphone if you have set up the feature previously.


Samsung Find my mobile- Mobile number tracker 

Samsung offers an exclusive mobile tracking feature that is part of Galaxy smartphones by default. Known as Find My Mobile, this function works remotely and effectively helps locate your Samsung smartphones if you have lost them. In addition to locating the device, it also gives you the option to lock it or erase the content of the mobile if you cannot recover it.


Samsung’s Find My Mobile service offers the following features to help locate your phone in situations such as theft or loss.


  • Live Location Tracking feature allows you to conveniently track the lost phone by providing you location updates every 15 minutes.
  • The fact whether the phone is in silent mode, the Ring your phone option enables you to remotely ring your smartphone for one minute.
  • You can lock your device remotely to prevent unauthorized use when it is lost or stolen.
  • If you can’t recover your Samsung phone, you can erase all data to prevent any personal information from getting into the wrong hands.

This innate feature of Samsung smartphones works for free after you register your Samsung Galaxy device using your Samsung account.

Find my phone – Family Locator

Find my phone – Family Locator is a great Mobile number tracker application available on Google Play that allows you to link the smartphones of all family members and discover their location using GPS.


This versatile location app can help you track a lost smartphone in the following ways:


  • Track your smartphone using GPS.
  • Receive a notification when the device is in transit.
  • Locate your phone using a location tracker if it is stolen or lost.
  • Quickly inform your family members if your device is stolen.


Primarily used as a security app to track the locations of family and friends, you can also use it to track any family member’s smartphone if it goes missing.

Lost Phone Tracker- Mobile number tracker 

Lost Phone Tracker is another Android app that uses the built-in GPS to find your lost phone and make your life easier. It keeps the real-time location of your mobile phone updated, preventing your smartphone from being stolen.

This location tracker is equipped with the following functions:


  • Access your mobile phone’s current location using GPS tracker.
  • Locate your lost Android smartphone.
  • Send your real-time location to your registered family and friends
  • Access the satellite view of the map.
  • Send messages from your lost mobile to a registered number without Internet.


The application is easy to use and has an intuitive interface that makes it very useful. In addition, the developers have optimized the application so that it consumes less battery.



These are the best Mobile number tracker apps that you should rely on to quickly locate your lost smartphone. The best app that your device can successfully find will depend on several factors, such as your location and personal preferences.