Best Typing Practice Online Website for Free

Typing is an art and should be practiced by everyone using typing practice online website to improve these writing skills. On these websites that we will talk about below, you will find everything you need to improve in this aspect, from the basics to the advanced level. With this, you will be able to optimize and shorten time that you spend on computer using the keyboard.


Best Typing Practice Online Website

Providing our children with adequate fluency in their use of computers can be key to their future lives, and typing knowledge is one of the first steps in that purpose.

To this end, there are multiple options for typing practice online website – almost always free in this area. Let’s review some of them, adapted to different audiences and needs:

typing practice online is a portal that offers free typing lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced users. While we go through them, we will be accompanied by a virtual keyboard that will show us which keys we press, correctly or incorrectly.


When we enter the typing practice online website, everything will be in English, but by clicking on the flag in the navigation bar, we can change not only the language of the website interface but also the language of the study plan and the keyboard configuration, allowing it to be left at 100 % prepared for Spanish users.


The website provides us with information about our accuracy and speed, as well as which keys we are having problems with. To track our progress, we must register (free). The website also has a portal for teachers that allows them to manage their students and track their activity. is a typing practice online  website in Spanish (although it also offers other languages) that stands out for offering the possibility of learning to use different types of keyboards in addition to the popular QWERTY (such as DVORAK or AZERTY).


It gives us the option of doing exercises with letters, with example texts, or with a text that we provide, and offers advice on how to distribute the fingers on the keyboard. On their cover, they offer small video tutorials to learn about all the options on the page.


Speed Typing Online

typing practice online

Speed ​​Typing Online is a typing practice online website that places more emphasis on beginners, although it also offers interesting content for advanced users. If we register (it’s free, remember), we can track our progress. The website is only in English.


It has a speed test and typing games, but what interests us is its Tutor, which allows us to progress through almost fifty lessons that start with the basics: learning the distribution of letters on the keyboard. Keyboard.




Artypist offers typing lessons, speed tests, and 3 children’s games aimed at improving our keyboard skills. The course is made up of 10 lessons with 14 exercises each.


The website, which is in Spanish, even offers the option to download a certificate once we have completed all the lessons. It also houses a specific typing course for schools and institutes that, despite usually paying, is now available for free due to the coronavirus crisis.



typing practice online

TypingClub is a multilingual website, both in its interface and in its contents, that will offer us a multitude of ‘study plans’ both to learn typing and to practice it by ‘rewriting’ stories.


The course emphasizes techniques to help us memorize the locations of the keys and put our fingers in the correct places. is the only paid typing practice online website on the list: access to the complete course costs €74.95, although we can try the first lessons for free. In total, there are 30 lessons structured around a pirate adventure, and the platform sends the evolution of progress to the student’s parents each time the student finishes a lesson.


One of its greatest attractions is an ‘adaptive algorithm’ that allows the platform to learn from mistakes: the exercises automatically adapt so that students practice the letters that are the most problematic. 




The quest for finding the best typing practice online website for free is all about enhancing your typing skills efficiently and conveniently. The internet is teeming with options, each catering to different preferences and needs. Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the basics of touch typing or an experienced typist aiming to improve your speed and accuracy, there’s a suitable platform out there for you.


As you explore the plethora of free typing practice online websites available, consider your specific goals and learning style. Look for platforms that offer engaging exercises, comprehensive lessons, and real-time feedback to help you track your progress. Don’t forget to take breaks and practice regularly to see significant improvements in your typing skills over time.


Ultimately, the best typing practice online website for you is the one that aligns with your objectives, provides a positive learning experience, and motivates you to continue honing your typing abilities. So, explore the options, dive into practice sessions, and watch your typing proficiency soar as you embark on your journey toward becoming a more efficient typist.