25 websites to download Copyright Free Videos for Instagram reel

The video format is becoming more and more critical in the digital marketing area. In this post, you have a list of the best sites for copyright free videos for Instagram reel in HD and 4K with a Creative Commons license. So you can use the copyright free videos to make your own videos.

Advantages of video for your content strategy

  • More than 80% of users watch online videos. In fact, many brands use YouTube as part of their content strategy.
  • Grow the user experience and permanence on your site so you can improve your organic positioning
  • Videos help increase conversion rate. Although, other techniques will allow you to improve your business results.
  • They improve engagement and are more effective since they allow you to support and explain the content more straightforwardly and visually.
  • They are much more viral because they evoke emotions in the audience. Precisely, they are a widely used resource in Emotional Marketing strategies.
  • Most Internet users share videos online.
  • You can collaborate with influencers or experts in this area. They will share your video, and you can reach new potential customers, establishing new types of buyer personas for your strategy.

25 Websites to Download Copyright Free Videos

1. Videoezy

If you want to download copyright free videos for Instagram reel in 4K and HD resolutions, Videoezy is the right platform. It’s a very intuitive tool since you can search by keyword or filter by category. It has more than 1,000 4K copyright free videos for Instagram reel, and one of its benefits is that you can search in other languages, unlike other pages.

It does not require registration; you click download, and in less than five seconds, you already have high-quality video. All copyright free videos for Instagram reel are download free, but their use will depend on the license of every author, which is specified in the video itself when you view it.

2. Pixabay

Another site for its extensive bank of images and vectors is Pixabay. It has implemented its own bank of copyright free videos for Instagram reel in 4K  (2160p) and HD  (1080p) for a few years.

You can search for the video that fits your requirements by filtering by categories, effects, and even animations and using them without a problem. You can even edit them since they are copyright free clips.

It also has a blog area to keep up with the latest news and a forum to resolve questions about the sector. If you want to prepare as a graphic designer, this can be a great option to get free resources to exercise your creativity.

3. Dareful

With Dareful, you can also download high-resolution copyright free videos for Instagram reel in 4K, and they are recorded by the founder of the website, Joel Holland, with his own drone or with his camera.

Every week, he uploads 5 free copyright videos in high-resolution so you can download the videos. In this case, the videos are attributed to the Creative Commons 4.0 license.

4. Pexels Videos

Pexels, in addition to being a page well known for its free image bank, also has its own HD copyright free video bank. These videos can be downloaded for free and quickly.

One of the advantages of Pexels is that you can use the videos you download for your projects without any problem since they are copyright free videos for Instagram reels with a Creative Commons Zero license. You do not need to register; it also has a search option to filter your search based on your interests.

5. Videovo

Videvo is an online tool where you will find hundreds of copyright free videos for Instagram reels.

You can use the videos you download freely for commercial or personal purposes, except those with the Creative Commons license, which you must attribute to the author. Likewise, it has more than 30 categories to facilitate your navigation.

6. Mazwai

If you are looking for original videos of specific situations or with an effect such as timelapse or slow motion, Mazwai is your page.

It has many collections of royalty-free videos under the CC 3.0 license (this means that you have to cite the author) and also in high quality. When you download the video, it gives you the author’s name and the rights to its use.

Another of its features is that you can preview the video in high quality just by placing the cursor over it. The drawback is that it does not have a search engine. You have to be guided by the categories.

7. Pond5

Pond5 is one of the best known as it has many multimedia resources: millions of free images, illustrations, sound effects, and copyright free videos.

In the case of videos, it has more than ten thousand copyright free clips (free and paid). Unlike the previous pages, downloading the videos is required through registration on their website.

All content is subscribed to a copyright free license for use on any medium and location.

 8. Free videos on Vimeo

Vimeo is undoubtedly one of the best-known video platforms. This website also has an option to download HD videos for free.

To download the copyright free videos for Instagram reel, you have 2 options: enter through this link or when you enter the main web page in your search engine, you filter a keyword, and a new web-page opens in which you have to choose the type of license. I recommend CC0, which is totally copyright free.

It also has a summary of the most popular copyright free videos of the moment and the number of downloads they have had. The best of all is that downloading the video lets you choose the quality and size of the video.

9. Coverr

If you want to watch new videos every Monday, Coverr is your right platform since it adds about seven copyright free clips each week.

The videos are intended mainly for web page headers. They can also optimize their design with free fonts from Google Fonts. It does not require registration to download them. Also, it includes the possibility of HTML, CSS, and Javascript to embed it directly and quickly on your website.

The videos are in HD and subscribed to the CC0 1.0 Universal public domain license so that you can use them in personal and commercial projects.

10. Distill

Distill is similar to Coverr because it uploads HD copyright free videos for Instagram reels every ten days. They are also divided by categories, have a search engine.

The copyright free clips are organized into eight categories: animals, technology, objects, nature, food, city, people, and architecture. It also allows you to subscribe to its newsletter for all its latest videos.

11. Xstock video

Xstock video allows you to find high-quality copyright free videos for Instagram reels depending on the theme that best suits your needs.

The most prominent categories are education, people, buildings, landscapes, nature, etc. Likewise, it provides data on which videos have the most downloads and how many times they have been viewed.

12. Life of Vine

In this case, the videos are hosted on Vimeo, which you can download in mp4 format and quality with your Vimeo account. It also allows you to upload videos to share your content with other users.

The contents are entirely copyright free so that you can use them freely.

13. Fancy Footage

If your passion is Instagram reel, Fancy Footage is yours. The clips are ideal for making your own Instagram shorts, and the material is entirely free in HD high definition.

You can download the videos under the CC 3.0 license. The only drawback of this page is that they have stopped updating it for a few years. However, it is worth taking a look at the available videos!

14. Motion Elements

Motion Elements has free copyright videos and is free to use, which you can download once you have registered. Its platform has over a million multimedia elements, from videos, After Effects templates, and music to 360º videos. The only drawback is that if you want them in HD format, you have to buy them.

This site is undoubtedly ideal, given its wide variety of resources adaptable to any project. It also has tutorials to learn how to edit a video.

15. Vidsplay

Another online platform to download copyright free videos for Instagram reels in high resolution without registering is Vidsplay. It has a wide variety of content with its own search engine to perform your searches by keywords or through its directory of categories.

One of its advantages is previewing the video we like before downloading it. The use of the videos is free of copyrights. You can use it both personally and commercially without having to attribute authorship.

16 Clip Canvas

This platform is more limited since many of the videos are Premium, although it also has a section of free clips. They are divided by categories and have more than six thousand copyright free videos for Instagram reels.

If you are interested in their premium videos, they have several packages depending on your needs. Each package includes a license so you can use the videos unlimitedly in any medium.

17. VideoBlocks

It is an HD video bank that has more than 100,000 Copyright free videos for Instagram reel. The drawback is that we can only test the tool for free for 7 days.

However, during the trial period, you can take the opportunity to download all the copyright free clips that you like. VideoBlocks is premium version costs $149 per year with unlimited downloads.

18. Ignite Motion

Ignite Motion lets you download videos completely free and copyright free for commercial and personal use. All copyright free videos for Instagram reel are in HD, and you can use them for video editing projects. The videos are compatible with most software as they are downloaded in both QuickTime and MP4.

19. Movie Tools

It has accessible videos that we can download with different effects (in 2D and 3D). Additionally, on their web-page, you can find free Adobe Premiere and Movie Maker tutorials to learn to edit your own videos. Cattails

20. Cute Stock Footage

Videos with special effects are divided into categories. Like other platforms, it offers statistics of those videos with the most downloads and the number of visits they have had. It has a section of free resources that you can download without registering on the page. The contents are free of copyright.

21. Flix Press

If what you are looking for is to create video templates professionally, Flix Press is your platform. It has more than six million subscribers. To access their free resources, you have to register and filter the “FREE” section, and you will be able to see their free templates. The rights are specified in each video. Don’t hesitate to use this tool if you are looking for original intros for your videos!

22. Beachfront B-Roll

This platform belongs to Blogspot and has a wide variety of free HD videos and animations. All of them are free of law and classified by categories. To download them is very simple. No registration is required; you click download, and that’s it!

23. Splashing

With Splashing, you will find a wide variety of copyright free videos for Instagram reels, and it also allows you to customize your own animations. With these effects, you can complement your videos to make them even more attractive. Best of all, you can view all the videos before downloading them.

 24. Free HD Footage

On Free HD Footage, you will not only find videos in HD and 4K, but you can also download various effects. All of them are classified by categories, and you do not need to register to download them. It also offers you statistics on which are the most popular videos. You can use the videos for any production.


OpenFootage has quality videos with various effects such as timelapse, slow motion, panoramic views, etc. They are organized by categories and are entirely free. The copyright free videos for Instagram reel are subscribed to the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.

These 25 websites of copyright free videos for Instagram reel in HD and 4K have been helpful to you so that you can apply them to your projects. Also, we recommend you consult this post with free image banks if you need images for your projects.