7 Best English Typing Test Websites to Assess Your Typing Speed

In the fast-paced digital generation, possessing wonderful English typing test ability is a valuable asset. Whether you’re using your typing prowess for copywriting, dominating in-recreation chats, or racing to satisfy a tight closing date on a thesis or venture, fast typing can come up with a widespread advantage. If you’re curious about your typing pace and accuracy, we have compiled a unique list of the greatest English typing test a look at websites to help you on your journey to improvement.

How do I pass an English Typing Test?

How do I pass an English Typing Test?

How do I pass an English Typing Test?

English typing test are not unusual in jobs that require robust typing talents. This article is your manual to acing a typing test a look at.

Method 1: Enhancing Speed and Technique

Step 1: Optimize Your Setup

  • Place typing cloth at eye stage close to your display.
  • Ensure correct lights to examine the fabric and the display.
  • Typing practice this setup for higher typing performance.

Step 2: Perfect Your Hand Placement

  • Position your fingers over the house keys (e.G., ‘F’ and ‘J’).
  • Reach keys with minimum hand movement.
  • Visualize the keyboard in columns for higher accuracy.

Step 3: Maintain Eye Contact with the Screen

  • Keep your eyes on the display screen at all times.
  • Overcome the dependancy of looking on the keyboard.

Method 2: Succeeding in English Typing Test

Step 1: Know the Test Format

  • Find out the take a look at layout and length earlier.
  • Learn what you may be requested to type.
  • Search for similar checks to practice.

Step 2: Read and Understand Test Instructions

  • Comprehend the take a look at’s requirements.
  • Focus on speed, accuracy, and any specific regulations.

Step 3: Focus on Accuracy

  • Read text carefully as you kind.
  • Don’t rush; stability velocity and accuracy.

Step 4: Prioritize Accuracy over Speed

  • Accuracy is regularly extra critical than raw pace.
  • Don’t push your speed beyond your capability.

Step 5: Avoid Fixing Errors Unnecessarily

  • Don’t waste time correcting mistakes except required.
  • Focus on retaining your typing rhythm.

Method 3: Adopting a Comfortable Posture

Step 1: Maintain Proper Posture

  • Sit with a straight back and head up.
  • Ensure chair comfort and lower back help.

Step 2: Keep Your Head Upright

  • Maintain eye stage with the display’s middle.
  • Prevent slouching and searching down.

Step 3: Ensure Stable Foot Position

  • Place your toes flat on the ground for balance.
  • Keep your knees at a 90-degree angle.

Step 4: Maintain Wrist Position

  • Keep your wrists stage and keep away from resting them.
  • Proper wrist positioning prevents fatigue.

Step 5: Position Your Fingers Correctly

  • Curve your arms to touch the keys.
  • Practice finger placement for better typing.

7 Best English Typing Test Websites (2023) 

7 Best English Typing Test Websites (2023)

7 Best English Typing Test Websites (2023)

English typing test check websites provide valuable insights into your phrases-per-minute (WPM) typing speed and assist decorate your proficiency over time. Without similarly ado, permit’s delve into our list. You can discover each website inside the table below by means of absolutely clicking at the hyperlinks.


TypeTest.Io Results Now, permit’s flip our interest to TypeTest, my non-public favorite. TypeTest is a minimalist website designed for trying out your keyboarding online test pace. The user interface is smooth and easy, supplying test intervals of 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes, or as long as you choice.

On the results page, you’ll discover a breakdown of the variety of successfully and incorrectly typed characters, accuracy, and gross WPM. If you are looking for a truthful platform to evaluate your typing abilties, TypeTest.Io is the right desire. Consider developing an account in case you intention to make it to the leaderboard.

Check Out TypeTest

2.Typings.Gg Typings 

Typing Test Website Typings.Gg takes a cutting-edge approach to speed English typing test websites and boasts an appealing visible layout. It offers plenty of topics to choose from, allowing you to customize your experience. While it may no longer be as function-wealthy as some other typing check websites in this list, Typings.Gg excels at the fundamental challenge of assessing your typing speed test.

Your WPM and accuracy are easily displayed next to the word matter controls at the outcomes web page. Should you desire to begin over, a easy click on the redo button will reset the take a look at. That concludes the features you’ll find on Typings.Gg.

Discover Typings.Gg


10FastFingers 10FastFingers stands as one of the maximum popular English typing test check websites available. It has enjoyed a distinguished role in the typing network for several years and is the pass-to preference for many typists. The website gives a user-friendly enjoy and is welcoming to freshmen. During the typing test, you’ll be precipitated to type random phrases for one minute. Although you cannot adjust the test duration, you’ve got the option to type in over 50 languages.

Upon finishing the check, you may acquire consequences proposing your WPM, keystrokes, accuracy, and the be counted of efficaciously and incorrectly typed phrases. Additionally, you can share your results on Facebook or task your buddies thru other social media systems.

Check Out 10FastFingers


If you are attempting to find an English typing test check website that allows you to compete with pals or customers internationally, TypeRacer is a remarkable choice. True to its call, the internet site adopts a race-themed interface, where contributors are represented as motors racing to the end line. In addition to the race layout, you may exercise your typing competencies independently.

To keep things attractive, TypeRacer gives one-of-a-kind universes based on popular interests, consisting of superhero movies, anime, pop music, comedian books, and more. You additionally have the choice to create an account to keep your rankings and tune your development.

Explore TypeRacer


NitroType Typing Test Website NitroType elevates the racing idea to a whole new degree. The website has flashy racing consequences and immersive soundscapes. Before you start, there may be a qualifying race with an easy sentence to help you heat up.

Once sufficient gamers be a part of it, the actual test starts off, and you race towards others to complete the furnished paragraph as quickly and correctly as possible. The consequences page shows your role, typing speed, accuracy, and WPM.

Check Out NitroType

6.Key Hero 

Key Hero Results Typing Test Website Key Hero is another compelling option for testing your typing speed. What sets Key Hero apart is its information visualization feature, which can be mainly beneficial for positive customers. The internet site showcases average typing speed and accuracy information for its users.

Upon completing the test, Key Hero highlights wherein you made mistakes, supplying insights into your typing skill ability. You can effortlessly initiate a new typing test via urgent the Enter key. If those capabilities pique your interest, do not hesitate to offer Key Hero a try.

Explore Key Hero

7.Typing Test TypingTest.Com 

Typing Test offers flexibility by using offering checks with smooth, medium, and tough texts, along with other exams featuring memories and elaborate spellings. Each check can span one minute, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, or 10 minutes.

Like other typing exams, the consequences page displays your typical typing speed test and accuracy. However, the website penalizes you for errors by deducting mistyped phrases from your WPM rating. While this platform is appropriate for novices, some customers may find the sluggish animations less appealing.

Check Out Typing Test

Choose Your Ideal English Typing Test Website To finish, our listing covers the top typing competencies. Take a look at websites to evaluate and decorate your typing competencies. If I had been to select one,that might be my top alternative due to their comprehensive functionality and modern, minimalist UI. How about you? Which of these English typing test websites caught your eye? Please share your thoughts in the feedback section, and feel free to mention any amazing typing check websites that we might have missed. We’ll ensure to offer them a try.