20 best free apps and sites for Instagram videos download

Instagram has become one of the most popular social media systems for sharing photos and videos. With its dynamic features and user-friendly interface, it has captured the attention of thousands and thousands of users worldwide.

However, Instagram doesn’t grant a built-in alternative for downloading videos directly to your device. This limitation leads many users to search for third-party apps and websites that provide convenient options for downloading Instagram videos. Surely, more than once, you have asked yourself how Instagram videos download

In this article, we will discuss the 20 best free apps and websites for Instagram video download, ensuring you can save Instagram video downloads hassle-free.

If we discuss about photos, this task can be easier. With just taking a screenshot, you are ready. However, if you want Instagram videos download, you need to use trustworthy apps.

Considering how important Instagram is today, there are so many apps and sites online that it is best to follow certain recommendations about which one to use. 

Therefore, check out our top free apps and websites to download Instagram videos, stories, photos, and Reels. 

Here are the 20 best free apps and sites for Instagram video download

1. iGram (Website to Instagram videos download)

iGram is a site that allows you to download Instagram videos quickly and easily. In addition, it supports any device such as Android, iPhone, tablet, iPad, computer, or Mac. Plus, this site has no limit for Instagram videos, free download.Instagram videos download

2. InstaDownloader (Website to Instagram videos download)

InstaDownloader.co lets you download reels, photos, and videos simply and easily. Thanks to it, you can download Instagram mp4 videos online in a few minutes and Instagram video download without a watermark. Plus, it also works to download the famous IGTV. 

How do I use this website? Follow these steps:

  • Copy the link to the Instagram video
  • Paste it on the white rectangle
  • Click on the “download” button
  • Ready! It will now start downloading your video

Instagram videos download

3. w3toys (Website to Instagram videos download)

w3toys is very popular for downloading Instagram videos, reels, stories, IGTV, highlights, and photos. It works in the same way as other Instagram videos download website.

The video will be downloaded in Instagram to MP4 format. Advertising may appear when you command the download button. It will not stay more than a minute.

The best thing about this app is downloading free videos—the quality of the Instagram video downloads HD 1080p.Instagram videos download

4. DownloadGram (Website to Instagram videos download)

Next on the list is DownloadGram. It is a site that makes saving Instagram videos downloaded in high-quality MP4 format easy. 

The site design is simple. Copy the Instagram video download link, paste it, and press the download button. Keep in mind that another page may be opened by clicking on the link field; just ignore it and return to the site to download your Instagram video.Instagram videos download

5. Downloader for Instagram (Instagram video download Chrome extension)

If you use your default browser Google Chrome, the easiest thing you can do is download an Instagram video download chrome extension to download free videos. For those who are used to squeezing Chrome tools thoroughly, this option is the best one.

How to get it? You must enter the link that we share below and command on the “add to Chrome” button. This extension to download Instagram videos is available in English. Once the extension is downloaded, a button will seem on the video you want to download, and you just have to command it to start the operation. 

You will be able to download photos, reels and videos from posts, stories, featured stories, reels, IGTV, and photos from tagged posts. Additionally, it is likely to download profile photo. If you are interested in an account’s content, Downloader for Instagram lets you to download ALL* posts, stories, featured stories, IGTV and photos from tagged posts in a ZIP file.Instagram video download Chrome extension

6. IGDownloader (Website to Instagram videos download)

IG Downloader is a very easy-to-use site, and it can give you great results when it comes to downloading Instagram photos online. This site allows you to obtain high-quality photos and is compatible with iOS computers and iPhone or Android devices. In addition, it offers more than just downloading videos; these are its site:

  • High-quality video downloader.
  • Private video and photo downloader.
  • Profile downloader.
  • IGTV Downloader, Reels, and Profile photos.

To use this site to Instagram videos download, we recommend you need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to Instagram app and find the post with the videos you want to download.
  2. Copy the Instagram video download link or link to the publication by pasting the 3 dots in the upper right side corner.
  3. Open the Instagram Downloader site and paste the Instagram video download link in the input box, then hit enter.
  4. Once the system loads, command the download link to save the video to your preferred device.

7. Reposter for Instagram (Regrammer)

Application to Instagram videos download on iOS (has a free version)

This application is very simple and will be one of your favorites to download videos on Instagram. How do you use Repposter?

  1. Copy the Instagram video download link you want.
  2. Open the Reposter app and paste the Instagram video download link.
  3. command Preview.
  4. Select to Instagram video download to your device or post it directly.

Instagram videos download

8. REC (Application to Instagram videos download on iOS)

Another alternative to saving an Instagram video download if you have an iPhone is to record video your cell phone screen. The REC application lets you to videos record with audio. You can export the videos to your video library.

In addition, you can trim and modify the downloaded videos using the Application of your cell phone.

The recordings will be done in full screen, and it is a good resource if you want to download video from instagram 4k.

9. Insaver (Android Instagram video downloader app)

Take advantage of this great video downloader for Instagram! The app is available for Android, downloads your videos in HD, and saves them directly to the gallery. It is 100% free and secure. In addition to downloaded videos, you can repost and share them on the other social platforms. 

In a few steps, you can download the video you want, copy the tags, and publish again. This application to download Instagram videos is very simple to use and offers two ways to achieve what you are looking for: 

  • Use “Share on “: Open Instagram, click on “Share on…” and click “Insaver.”
  • Use “Copy link”: Open the Instagram video and click “Copy link.” Then, you go back to Insaver and copy it to the box.

10. +Download 4 Instagram Twitter (Android Instagram video downloader app)

Android users have a lot of alternatives when it comes to Instagram videos downloading from mobile.

A good option is the +Download 4 Instagram Twitter application. This app also have serves to save Twitter videos.

11. FastSave for Instagram

Android video downloader app

FastSave for Instagram is another famous Instagram video downloader for Android. You can Instagram videos download from your mobile in a few simple steps.

12. Story Saver App (Application to Instagram Stories download on Android)

The time has come to see the apps to Instagram stories download free and highlights . If you use them as we guide you, in less than a minute, you will make your favorite Instagram reels in your reel. 

Did you know that, besides downloading videos, you can create filters for Instagram stories and your recordings?

It is one of the best tools to download and save Instagram stories for your business or your personal account.

If you are the Android user, this app will be a great option to save Instagram stories and IGTV posts to your device. All the stories you download using Story Saver will be stored in the app.

13. Tutuapp for iPhone (Application to Instagram Stories download on iOS and Android)

Tutuapp allows you to download App Store or Google Play Store applications. With it, you will be capable to install Instagram ++, which will allow you to Instagram stories download. How to do it? Follow these steps: 

  1. Download the free version, and when finished, go to Settings > General > Device Manager > Trust Beijing Nation Sky Network Technologies.
  2. You accept all permissions by clicking “trust” and leaving Settings to return to the Tutuapp store.
  3. In the application search engine, write “Instagram ++.” Select that option and download it.
  4. When the download is complete, login with IG username and password, and you will observe that the interface is identical to Instagram.
  5. Select the story and click the arrow icon located at the bottom right side.
  6. The app will ask where and in what size you want to save Instagram Stories download. Select the options, and the story will be downloaded on iPhone.

14. InstaVideosSave App

This is another good Instagram Reels downloader option. It’s totally free and downloads your videos in MP4.

By not using the Instagram API (Application Programming Interface), you will be able to freely download the videos without entering any personal data. 

Key features to download free videos from Instagram:

  1. It maintains the video’s original quality.
  2. You can download the video from your cell phone, tablet, or computer.
  3. There’s no requirement to install any software. Use InstaVideoSave from any browser.
  4. And you can use it as many times as you want for free and without registration. 
  5.  How do you use this app to Instagram videos download? 
  6. Copy the Instagram Reels video link.
  7. Open Instavideosave.com
  8. Paste the Instagram Reels video link in the white box at the top of the page.
  9. Click on the “download” button, and when the download process is complete, a button will appear to save the Instagram video.
  10. If you don’t know where the location to download the IG Reels video, follow these steps: 
  11. Open the Instagram app
  12. Enter the Reel you want to download
  13. Click on the three dots that appear at the top right of the post.
  14. You will find the “copy” option; click on it, and you will have the video link.

15. Expertsphp (Application to Instagram Reels and TikTok videos download)

If you are an Instagram and TikTok lover and are looking for a single application to download videos from your favorite networks, we present Expertsphp. You can download the videos format you want in mp4, mp3, and even in HD without a watermark. 

If you are thinking of using this application from your smartphone, we will guide you how to do it:

  • Open Instagram on your phone.
  • Select on the 3 dots that seem on the Reels posts.
  • Pick “copy link”.
  • Paste the Istagram reel link in the search box and then click download.
  • Almost all applications to download Instagram photos and videos follow the same steps. Easy, right?

16. Savefrom.net (Application and web extension to Instagram videos download)

If downloading videos seemed very easy, you can’t imagine how simple it is to download videos from Instagram 4k; I am sure you can do it almost with your closed eyes. 

Several of the applications to Instagram videos download -that we have mentioned in this note- perform the function of downloading photos, but since we know that you like to have more options, we share others with you.

If you usually operate Instagram web, you can easily download videos with Savefrom.net. This software works very well on mobile or desktop. For all Android users, this app has a complete version and an extension for Chrome.

This app is best for social media users who use content from other accounts as inspiration. If you want to professionalize your feed, check out the best tips for building your Instagram portfolio and start your digital transformation.

17. SocialDown (Website to Instagram videos download)

SocialDown is a great Instagram video downloader that is available to use online without any cost. Plus, it lets you to Instagram videos download in HD quality.

Likewise, it helps you download other multimedia files on social networks such as SoundCloud and Twitter.

18. Save IG Live Story (Google Chrome extension to Instagram Live download)

You already know how to Instagram videos download, but do you know how to Instagram live video download? With this extension, you will be able to do it! 

The first thing you should do is check if the life was saved in highlights or the Instagrammer’s newsfeed. If so, follow below steps: 

  • Install the Google Chrome extension, which will allow you to Instagram Live video download as long as can be viewed in your browser.
  • Refresh the Instagram page to see the live video.
  • Click on the Instagram live video you want to download.
  • If you have Windows, you can right-click on the video and then go to “inspect.” 
  • The developer window will appear. 
  • Look for the result that has “mp4” and copy the text to another tab.
  • The video will appear with a black background. Right-click and save it.

19. SnapInsta (Website to Instagram live download)

Another great website for downloading IGTV is SnapInsta, which will also allow you to Instagram videos download. You don’t need to register or login to Instagram videos download. You simply paste the Instagram videos download link you want from IGTV, and that’s it.

Its main functionalities are:

  1. IGTV Downloader: In case you can’t watch the IGTV at the moment, you can download the IGTV video to your computer, ensuring that you can watch it again later. Thus, you will not need to have internet.
  2. Download Instagram Videos – SnapInsta was created to allow you to download IG videos for any purpose you want. 
  3. Download Instagram Reels: SnapInsta’s Reels Downloader on Instagram feature will help you to download favorite Reels to device.

20. SaveInsta (Website to Instagram live download)

The SaveInsta website is another one of our favorites for downloading IGTV. But it can also be used to download Stories, Images, Profile Pictures, and Reels. First of all, just copy the link to the video or image. 

How to download Instagram videos in mp4 format with SaveInsta? Follow these steps:

  • Copy the Instagram video doenload link you want
  • Paste it into the SaveInsta search box
  • Save it to your computer or device


With the barriers imposed by using Instagram’s lack of built-in video download functionality, these 20 best free apps and websites for Instagram videos download supply convenient solutions for users. Whether you decide upon using committed apps or web-based platforms, each choice affords a seamless ride for downloading Instagram videos hassle-free. Explore these choices and discover the one that exceptional fits your needs, ensuring you can retailer and revel in your favored Instagram videos anytime, anywhere.