How to install WordPress plugin: Beginner’s guide- step by step

The WordPress CMS is charming and simple. The important power comes from the WordPress plugins. By installing WordPress plugins, free or paid that add custom performance to your website.

There are over 50,000+ WordPress plugins out there to transfer. you’ll be able to opt for the correct and only plugin for your web site. Adjusting your website’s method with the WordPress plugin is straightforward. you’ll be able to install, activate, and victimize WordPress plugins in a very matter of minutes. Plugins are simply one among the many things that create WordPress awning. And you for sure should not ignore new plugins. However, before you may reap the benefits that some cool plugin brings, you’d want to possess the issue put in. During this article, we’ll show how to install the WordPress plugin.


how to install WordPress plugins

What is WordPress Plugin?

Plugins are very important for any WordPress website. Because it makes your website more effective and awesome. If you are a beginner, first you have to know what WordPress plugin is. Now we’ll try to explain it.

A plugin is a software add-on that’s installed on a program, enhancing its potentiality. As an example, if you want to look at a video on an internet site, you’ll need a plugin to try and do so. If the plugin isn’t installed, your browser cannot understand the way to play the video.

Or other words, a WordPress plugin may be a piece of software that “plugs into” your WordPress site. Plugins can add new functionality or extend existing functionality on your site, allowing you to form virtually any reasonable website, from eCommerce stores to portfolios to directory sites.

Now, we’ll explain how to find a WordPress plugin and how to install WordPress plugin step by 



How to Find a WordPress Plugin: For Beginners.

A simple Google search of “WordPress plugins” will provide you with various results to look through. But looking at plugin overwhelm isn’t fun for anyone. Instead, use the principles below to quickly find the precise reasonable plugin you’re trying to hunt out, every time.

1. Use the WordPress Plugin Repository

The WordPress plugin archive is the chalice of WordPress plugins. Inattentive of what quiet plugin you’re trying to hunt out you’ll find it listed here.

All you have got to do is search the kind of plugin you’re trying to go looking out, and you’ll have a property of options to see in between. As an example, here are the results after we pursued “SEO”:


2. WordPress Plugin Search

You can also look for plugins by keyword, top downloads, ratings, and more. Confine your mind when pursuing to hunt out plugins here, the higher the star rating therefore the more websites it’s installed on, the better. This means that it’s currently functional across a high volume of internet sites.

However, don’t let this be your sole measure to judge the quality of a plugin, as you’ll pass up some absurd plugins that are a beginner.


3. Peruse Plugin Roundups

When trying to hunt out plugins, Google is visiting to be your associate. the key is to longing differently together with your search.

For example, let’s say you’re a videographer who’s trying to look out for a number one effective plugin to place on your site. Head over to Google and kind in “best WordPress plugins for videographers,” and you’ll see results like this:

Google search results for best WordPress plugins for videographers. By combing through some search results, you’ll have a collection of quality plugins you’ll be able to install on your site.

If you’re undertaking to find a more basic list, then choose popular WordPress plugins. This might help to recommend a solid authority for your site, which you’ll then ride with niche-specific plugins.


4. Use High-Quality Plugin Marketplaces

Beyond the official WordPress plugin archive, you’ll also search for plugins on several quality plugin marketplaces. This will often be amazing thanks to finding premium WordPress plugins.

A number one important thing is CodeCanyon. Right now they have over 7000 different premium WordPress plugins. If you’re trying to hunt out a premium plugin, then this may be often the number one place to start your search.

Beyond searching through marketplaces, you’ll be ready to also use quality experts as a vetting system. For example, since WordPress is so popular, there are many sites committed to helping you get the foremost out of WordPress.

Just like trying to hunt out plugin branding within the tip above, we are ready to use the search function at WordPress-related sites to hunt out what we’re trying to discover.


5. Search for WordPress SEO plugins on wpbeginner

Many WordPress theme developers share their plugin suggestions, including Elegant Themes, StudioPress, ThemeGrill, Elementor website builders, and Themify. If you’re employing a WordPress theme from one of these providers, take a glance at their blog for recommended plugins they’ve certified and accepted that will work well along with your theme.

Now, we will explain how to install the WordPress plugin. So stay with us and know how to install the WordPress plugin.


How to Install WordPress Plugin: Beginner’s Guide (Step by step):

How to install WordPress plugin from the WordPress website dashboard:

1. Go to “Plugin” from your WordPress website dashboard:

From your WordPress dashboard, choose Plugins. Start by going to your admin panel – and select  “Plugins” in the sidebar menu.

Plugins install

2. Click on “Add New”

After selecting the plugin then click Add new. You can find the “Add New” button near the top of the page.

plugin install step 2

3. Find your plugin via search.

Search for a plugin with the search bar in the top right corner. Several results will appear.

4. Install your plugin.

After finding the plugin in the results, you’ll need to click Install Now.


5. Activate the plugin

After completing the installation process, To use the plugin, you’ll need to activate the plugin. There’s one final step. When the installation is complete, click on the “Activate Plugin”

If you don’t understand this method, you can watch the video to understand the installation process in detail.

Active the plugin


Ready to Install Your WordPress Plugins?

Hopefully, by now, you notice exactly how to put WordPress plugins on your site. Once plugins are installed, you’ll be able to compose them and customize the settings. this may radiate depending on the plugin you’ve installed.

Some will create a menu item on the left-hand side of your WordPress dashboard while others are visiting be listed under existing menu items like Settings or Appearance.


Finally, memorize only to place quality WordPress plugins on your site, and keep them up to this point. Commonly log in to your WordPress dashboard to make sure your plugins, theme, and WordPress core are always running on the newest version.

WordPress plugins are the most important thing for a website. Plugins are the building section of your WordPress site. They bring in important activity to your website. Whether you use it to add contact forms, improve SEO, increase site speed, create an online store, or offer email opt-ins. Whatever you need your website to do can be done with a plugin.

At last we can say, a lot goes into website design and supply. And whether you need to correct your site for search engines, or develop the user experience, WordPress plugins are vital.