5 Best Methods: How to Screenshot In PC using a keyboard

Capturing screenshots on your PC is a fundamental skill that comes in handy for various purposes, from documenting important information to sharing memorable moments. While there are many ways to take screenshots, using your keyboard is one of the quickest and most convenient methods.

In this guide, we’ll explore the five best methods to help you how to screenshot In PC using just your keyboard.

5 Best Methods: How to Screenshot In PC Using a Keyboard

Why Take Screenshots on Your PC?

Well, before scuba diving to the ways, we should, in the short term, look at exactly why choosing screenshots on your PC is definitely important. Screenshots can be extremely versatile and may perform a lot of functions, such as:

1. Documenting Tips

The moment you come across worthwhile home elevators, an internet site ., inside a piece of content, and throughout a speech, looking for screenshots can help you save in addition to benchmark it all afterward.

2. Troubleshooting as well as Technician Service

Should you have expertise in industry complications or perhaps will want some help from mechanic help support, posting any screenshot from the condition could actually help pros know and even resolve the challenge well.

3. Creativeness and even Enthusiasm

Designers and even manufacturers quite often take advantage of screenshots to be able to shoot encouragement with distinct sources, for example, shots, colors, and templates individuals run into online.

4. Conversation and even Cooperation

Discussing screenshots through acquaintances, buddies, or possibly relatives is an effective strategy to show details, supply advice, or even work together with campaigns.

5. Recordkeeping as well as Alarms

Screenshots may fulfill seeing that cosmetic simple guidelines regarding steps, deadlines, or even very important notices, trying to keep your will planned and also along with the position.

Once everyone knows the importance of choosing screenshots on your PC, shall we look into the four particular perfect methods for accomplishing your keys?

5 Best Methods: How to Screenshot In PC using a keyboard

Here are the 5 best methods of how to screenshot In PC using a keyboard;

Method 1: Print Screen (PrtScn) (How to Screenshot In PC)

That Printout Monitor main can be a basic include on most DESKTOP computer keyboards. Listed below is the way to put it to use:

Full-Screen Screenshot

Media is the particular “PrtScn” key element. That screenshot will probably be cloned in your clipboard, and you may sauce the item straight into a picture publisher or possibly a piece of content implementing “Ctrl + Sixth v. “

Lively Windowpane Screenshot

To be able to seize this productive eyeport, media “Alt + PrtScn primarily. ” Once more, insert the application as stated preceding.

Method 2: Snipping Tool (Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11) (How to Screenshot In PC)

For anyone using Windows XP 7 or possibly 8, the Snipping Program can be described as a built-in power company for the purpose of getting screenshots:

Open Snipping Tool

Advertising the “Windows” main, design “Snipping Tool, inches, and hit “Enter. inches

Capture Screenshot

Then click “New, inches select the locale you must trap and additionally conserve this screenshot.

Method 3: Snip & Sketch (Windows 10 and 11) (How to Screenshot In PC)

For Windows 10 and 11 users, Snip & Sketch is a handy tool:

Open Snip & Sketch

Press “Windows + Shift + S” to open Snip & Sketch.

Capture Screenshot

Select the area you want to capture, and the screenshot will be copied to your clipboard.

Method 4: Windows + Print Screen (Windows 10 and 11) (How to Screenshot In PC)

This method automatically saves your screenshot as a file:

Capture Screenshot: Press “Windows + PrtScn.” The screenshot is saved in the “Screenshots” folder in your “Pictures” library.

Method 5: Snipping Tool (Snip & Sketch) Shortcut (Windows 10 and 11) (How to Screenshot In PC)

Here’s a quick shortcut for opening Snip & Sketch directly:

Open Snip & Sketch

Press “Windows + Shift + S” and select the area you want to capture. The screenshot is automatically opened in Snip & Sketch for editing and saving.


In summary, studying the skill associated with how to screenshot On PC employing a keyboard is often an invaluable skill level that will make different duties plus advance returns. Whether or not you happen to be working with Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10, or perhaps 11, there exists a strategy that suits the needs you have. Test out most of these strategies to uncover what design is ideally suited for you, and commence acquiring all those significant moments in addition to info effortlessly.

Bear in mind training creates fantastic, so don’t hesitate to test most of these techniques and turn a screenshot pro player on your personal computer.


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