IPTV Trends Review: 19,000+ Live Channels for $19/Month

IPTV Trends Review: 19,000+ Live Channels for $19/Month

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In this IPTV Trend review guide today I’m going to share information about IPTV Trends channels, pricing, registration, and subscription. And also review other topics of IPTV. So in this review guide, we will share IPTV Trends and its review. 


What Is IPTV?

You may know what IPTV is. But if you don’t know about it, then now we’ll describe to you what IPTV is. IPTV means internet TV. This is provided worldwide via internet protocol. People can see live channels via this IPTV. 


IPTV Trends Review

IPTV hosts 19000+ live tv channels for its subscribers. Subscribers can enjoy huge entertainment, kids, sports, news, TV shows, and other channels with up to 3 to 4 connections. IPTV streams those channels worldwide. Without any interruption, people can enjoy IPTV live streaming. 

It has some different packages with various prices. Subscribers can easily choose these packages. The basic plan starts from $19 only! The good thing is IPTV has no IP lock system. That means you can watch live streaming channels when you are traveling. You can find many channels from the IPTV watching guide.

iptv trends review

What’s New Include On IPTV Trends 

  • International Service: 

IT provides international services to its clients.

  • Live TV, VOD & PPV

It has 19000+ live channels, VOD & PPV in one subscription. 

  • Watch on Any Device

A client can watch 19000+ live channels on any device and anywhere with a connected VPN.

  • World Class Support

It provides its customers with 24/7 support. They have live care. 


Over 19,000 live channels. Plans start at  $19/month. One connection with the standard plan.

  • VOD options

  • 24-hour free trial

  • VPN Friendly

  • Not IP location locked

  • Major sports channels

  • PPV

  • Adult

  • Popular news networks

  • Favorites manager

  • 24/7 channels

  • Catchup

  • External player support

  • International channels

  • Accepts PayPal, Credit/Debit, and Crypto for payment

  • Customer support through their online contact form and email

  • M3U URL

  • Electronic Program Guide (EPG)

  • Available for use on Firestick/Fire TV and Android devices

  • Compatible with popular IPTV Players

  • 24/7 customer support


Here are the IPTV Trends features and pricing details.

IPTV Trends Features

Here we try to give a clear idea about IPTV Trends features. 

  • Over 19,000 live channels in HD quality

This IPTV has 19,000+ live channels with HD quality for its subscribers. Subscribers can get these channels via one IPTV registration. 

  • Plans start at $19.00/month

IPTV plan starts from $19 for one month! This is a very fair and budget-friendly deal for IPTV Trends subscribers. 

  • One connection with the basic package

You can get one connection and huge facilities with the basic package. 

  • Video-on-demand (VOD) for movies and TV shows

VOD is a popular trend on IPTV. It has the most popular VOD option. It allows the viewer to watch the selected movie or TV shows whenever at his or her schedule’s convenience. 

  • VPN friendly

It has no VPN issue. Customers found any VPN error issues. You can easily connect IPTV with VPN. 

  • 24-hour trial for $3.00

It provides their customer a 24-hour free trial only for $3!  Which is the best option for IPTV subscribers? So as a subscriber you can grab this opportunity and enjoy a 24-hour free trial. 

  • Subscriptions come in multiple-month packages

IPTV provides multiple-month packages. Subscribers can easily choose the package which they need for them. 

  • Not IP location locked

IPTV Trends IP location is not locked. Which is a very good thing. Any subscriber can use any IP for watching channels! 

  • Major sports packages

The majority of people love sports. Subscribers can get major sports channels via IPTV Trends. If you get your favorite sports channels in one subscription then it is big deal for you!

  • PPV

It is a very good opportunity for subscribers. It is one kind of pay television service. It enables a viewer to pay to watch specific channels through private or personal telecasts.

  • News channels

It has popular news networks. Subscribers can get any popular news network at one registration. So they can easily enjoy their favorite news channels. 

  • Adult

IPTV for adult content! You can get many channels for adult content for IPTV subscriptions. 

  • Entertainment channels

This IPTV has huge entertainment channels. Like, kids, sports, drama, serial, and many more. Subscribers can enjoy their favorite entertainment channels anywhere at any time.

  • International channels

Via IPTV channel subscription, consumers can get huge international channels. Get an IPTV Trends subscription and enjoy any international channels anywhere in the world. 

  • Compatible with IPTV Players

Subscribers are compatible with popular IPTV players. 

  • M3U URL

M3U URL is a computer file format for a multi-media playlist. Subscribers can get M3U URL facilities on IPTV Trends subscriptions. 

  • Electronic Program Guide (EPG)

IPTV has a clear electronic program guide for subscribers. 

  • Accepts PayPal and Credit/Debit for payment

Its subscription method accepts any international payment card. Like PayPal, international credit\debit cards, and many more. 

  • Customer support available through email and contact form

Through IPTV registration subscribers can get customer support via their online contact form and mail. 

  • Available on Firestick/Fire TV and Android devices

It is available for use on firestick\fire TV and any android devices. 

  • Favorites manager

Subscribers can get their favorite channel manager via registration. 

  • Supports external video players

Subscribers can enjoy IPTVs with many popular external players. Like, windows media players, VLC media players,s and many more. 

  • 24/7 customer support

They give its subscribers 24/7 support. 

IPTV Trends Pricing & Package List

1 Month Subscription: $15 

  • Instant VIP Access
  • +120K Channels & Movies
  • All devices supported
  • No Hardware needed


Subscribe to 3 Month Subscription: $25 

  • Instant VIP Access
  • +120K Channels & Movies
  • All devices supported
  • No Hardware needed


Subscribe to 6 Month Subscription: $35 

  • Instant VIP Access
  • +120K Channels & Movies
  • All devices supported
  • No Hardware needed


Subscribe 1 Year Subscription:$50 

  • Instant VIP Access
  • +120K Channels & Movies
  • All devices supported
  • No Hardware needed

IPTV Trends Pros and Cons

IPTV Trends Pros:

They have huge pros. Here we’ll try to describe it easily.

  • Subscriber can easily find their favorite channels easily
  • IPTV Trends give its customer 24/7 support
  • No need to spend too much money on the subscription
  • Subscribers can easily choose its package
  • People can enjoy channels anytime and anywhere in the world. 
  • It has no VPN issues
  • Subscribers can use media players for watching VOD/movies or TV series.
  • Over the 190000 channels without any interpretation.

IPTV Trends Cons: 

  • For server problems, sometimes IPTV Trends interrupted the host of its channels.
  • Most of the local channels didn’t included on the IPTV trends channels list.
  • Some Channels have no IPTV server.
  • Limited content is available on IPTV 


Some Frequently Ask Questions About IPTV Trends

Is IPTV Trends Legal?

Till now IPTV trends users didn’t face any illegal issues with installing or watching IPTV. It has no VPN issues and no IP lock issues. If subscribers find any illegal issues IPTV immediately notify their valuable subscribers. 

But one thing I remember about the IPTV network is being unable to verify when non-verified IPTV services process the important licensing.


Is IPTV Trends Safe?

There are no security issues in IPTV Trends. But before confirming, first, we can check security issues. For this, we put IPTV Trends’ official URL on VirusTotal. Then we can easily review it. Their official website URL is iptvtrends.com.

After scanning the virus we didn’t find any harmful issues. Its website link doesn’t contain any dangerous files with harmful viruses according to VirusTotal. But if subscribers feel unsafe taking service from an IPTV provider then they should take steps to protect their security or valuable data. 


In this IPTV review guide, I’ll try to review the whole thing about IPTV trends. Through my real experience, I feel great about watching IPTV live streaming channels. I didn’t face any network or IP issues. I hope you can try IPTV trends for a better experience. 

With one subscription you can get huge channels. You can select your demanding channels and which one you need. If you read this review article then you can subscribe to IPTV trends I hope you don’t disappoint! So enjoy your IPTV live streaming channels and watch VOD/movies, TV shows, and sports channels anywhere anytime.