Kodi Software Review: 3000+ Live Channels For $8/Month

Kodi Software Review: More Than 3000+ Live Channels For $8/Month

In this Kodi Sotware review guide, today we are going to share what is IPTV, its provider, registration, subscription, channels, players, and many more. Kodi Software is a free and open-source app. But subscribers didn’t get live-streaming services. Because Kodi is a media center application. Kodi add-ons are another way to access movies and TV shows through the app.

I hope this review guide will help to understand the main thing of Kodi IPTV services. So stay with us until the end. We will try to cover many vital things about Kodi IPTV.


What Is IPTV?

You may know IPTV meaning internet protocol television. Via internet connection it hosts live streaming worldwide. People can watch their favorite channels via Internet protocol television. In other words,  IPTV is a digital TV service hosted via the internet.

I hope now you can understand what IPTV is.


Benefits Of IPTV

The benefits of Kodi IPTV are huge. For your better idea, we’ll try to explain its benefits.

  • Easy to stream anywhere 

We say before that Kodi IPTV is an open-source service. It is an app, not a streaming service. But via these apps, subscribers can watch live streaming anywhere. 

  • No big network issues

Kodi IPTV has no big network issues. It is visible and networked. If there is no problem with the internal server, then there is no big network issue visible inside. 

  • You can find your favorite channels in one connection 

By connecting or installing Kodi apps as a subscriber you can find or get your favorite channels in one connection without any delay.

  • 3000+ live channels are available in Kodi IPTV subscriptions

There are 900+ add-ons streaming available on the Kodi IPTV server. But it can host over 3000+ channels. 

  • Sports, entertainment, news, movies, and video are available on an IPTV connection.

With this Kodi IPTV connection, subscribers can get huge major sports, news, kids, TV shows, and entertainment channels. 


Kodi Software Review

In my opinion, Kodi Iptv is good. It has over 3000 live channels, movies, videos, and other services. Subscribers can get a huge opportunity for one subscription. It has no bad network issues.

For some users, Kodi may cause some problems. But it is not a major problem. Because it requires some technical know-how to fully utilize its capabilities. But the number of add-ons is nothing short of amazing for those who like the idea of modifying the service to their interests. Just be careful to stick to official Kodi add-ons to prevent copyright violations.

Kodi IPTV hosts 3000+ live tv channels for customers. Subscribers can enjoy a lot of entertainment, kids, sports, news, TV shows, and other channels with 1 to 3 connections. 

IPTV streams those channels for subscribers worldwide via internet protocol. Without any reason, subscribers can enjoy Kodi IPTV live streaming. 


What Is Kodi?

Kodi isn’t a live streaming channel service. It is a streaming app. The platforms of Kodi IPTV are free and open. With this app, you may play and watch the majority of videos, music, audio, and other digital content formats from native and network storage devices as well as the online world. Kodi is best for watching unlimited videos, kinds of music, news, and other multimedia content without any interruption. 

Kodi Software Key Features 

When playing from your media files, Kodi Software supports full HD and 4K content. However, there will be a change in the streaming quality if you are using add-ons. Finding a streaming service with 4K content is required, as is making sure that the service’s Kodi add-on supports 4K streaming. Due to Kodi IPTV internet or bandwidth limits, many add-ons downscale their 4K material to HD.

You may not know Kodi Software is a free and open-source media player. It has some key features. Here we try to explain these features.

  • Live TV with EPG and PVR/DVR frontend

Kodi Software has live TV with EPG and PVR/DVR front end. Which is a better option than other IPTV services.

  • Video playback

It has a video playback system. You can get this opportunity in one subscription.

  • Audio playback

Also available audio playback system in Kodi IPTV subscriptions.

  • Digital picture/image display

If subscribers get a digital picture/image display system in one subscription then it is not bad. Subscribers can get these facilities.

  • Games Manager and game console emulators

Kodi IPTV apps have a games manager and game console, emulators. If subscribers are gamers then it is a good facility for them.

  • Audio, video, and pictures media formats

Kodi IPTV has clear audio, video, and picture media formats. 

  • Addons Manager, add-ons, and plugins

The best thing about Kodi IPTV is, it has an add-ons manager, add-ons, and plugins. Which is easy to get from IPTV subscriptions.

  • Skins and themes

It has its skin and themes. Subscribers can get these skins and themes easily.

  • Web Interfaces

Kodi IPTV has stronger web interfaces than other IPTV service providers. Its web interface is very strong and clear.

  • Application launcher

It has an amazing and eye-catching application launcher. Subscribers can get the Kodi IPTV application launcher via subscription. 

Package And Pricing

However, Kodi has not said about their subscription pricing.  But as a subscriber, it is important to know about their pricing.  To know about pricing and monthly packages, first, visit their official website or contact their official telephone number.

What’s New On Kodi Software?


You’ve never seen your musical taste look this nice! almost perfect support for playlists, party mixes, and other features.


Much more valuable than a collection of DVDs in a box. Your movie library comes to life with Kodi’s help thanks to artwork, cast, genres, and more.

TV shows

The ideal way to catch up on your favorite show frequently or binge-watch. Like nothing else, Kodi keeps all of your television organized.


The greatest method to present your images with friends and family on the biggest screen in the home is with a custom slideshow on Kodi.


Kodi has a simple interface that lets you watch and record live TV. It is suitable for various well-known backends, including MediaPortal, MythTV, NextPVR, Tvheadend, and many others.


Kodi IPTV is useful for more than simply passive entertainment. On Kodi, you may play games as well. Choose an emulator from a large selection, or even play a native game. Even a lot of support is provided for game controllers.

Pros And Cons

Here we add for our audience Kodi IPTV pros and cons. Hope it will help them to understand.


  1. Kodi IPTV can connect lots of devices
  2. Easy to streaming
  3. VPN friendly 
  4. Full free and open source service.
  5. Easy to watch anywhere on any network.


  1. Sometimes Kodi IPTV can be disconnected.
  2. There are some network problem 
  3. Some channels are not available for many IP networks.
  4. Live streaming may be interrupted.

Kodi Software Channels List 

  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Android 5.0 or higher
  • Apple TV 2-5
  • Chromebox
  • Cubox-i
  • CompuLab Utility
  • Google Nexus Player
  • Intel NUC
  • iOS 6.0 or higher
  • Mac OS X 10.8 or later
  • NVIDIA Shield
  • Raspberry Pi devices
  • Razor Forge TV
  • Ubuntu Linux
  • WeTek Play
  • Windows 7 or later
  • Xiaomi Mi Box
  • x86 hardware

Suggestions To Buy Best IPTV

There are different types of IPTV. But you have to select the best of them. There are many things you need to keep in mind while buying the best IPTV.  Among them, some important things cannot be left out in any way when buying IPTV.

Before buying IPTV you must have to know about IPTV.

Here are some important points.  I am trying to highlight things for ease of understanding as a buyer.  The first thing to keep in mind before buying IPTV is whether IPTV is legal.  Then check if it is safe.  Also, they should have a clear idea in advance about how many channels they broadcast live, whether there is any kind of interruption, whether there is buffering, etc.  Only then as a buyer can you get the best TV. 

Here I will mention all the major facts for buying the best IPTV.

  • Whether IPTV providers provide good service.
  • How many channels will be live streaming after subscribing?
  • Whether the subscriber will face any bad network problems.
  • Also, check if there is an IP problem.
  • Also, check if there is any buffering problem while broadcasting the channel.


All IPTV providers are good. But as a subscriber, those who provide you with good service, you have to choose them.

To get a better idea here I will try to give suggestions for buying the best IPTV.


What’s The Best Kodi Alternative

There are many best Kodi alternatives for subscribers. Such as: 


  • IPTV Resale

IPTV Resale is the best IPTV service provider. It has huge channels at an affordable price. Subscribers can enjoy those channels very comfortably.

  • IPTV Great

IPTV Great is another best IPTV provider. It has huge channels for a minimum cost.

  • IPTV Gear

IPTV Gear is also the best provider for IPTV subscribers. You can enjoy unlimited channels like sports, news, entertainment, etc.

  • One IPTV

One IPTV is also good for subscribers. It has unlimited access for its subscribers. It has no IP issue or VPN issue.

  • IPTV Trends

IPTV Trends is another best IPTV subscription provider. It has no locked PP system problem. Subscribers can enjoy watching live streaming channels anywhere in the world.


Some Frequently Ask Questions

How To Install Kodi ? 

For gadgets like PCs, Macs, Android/Android TV devices, and even the Microcontroller, setting up Kodi is fairly easy. Install the correct version of the software for your device by downloading it from the Google Play Store for Android/Android TV or the Kodi website for Personal computer Pi/Linux. 

If you’re using Kodi on an Android TV or mobile device, it will be asking you for permission to access your files as soon as you start it. The basic home screen will then load and ask you to show Kodi where you store your various media kinds. These may be hosted in the local storage of your device, on a hard drive that is connected, or on a networked device in your home, such as a NAS drive or maybe another computer.

After you’ve enabled Kodi in finding your files, it automatically scans them and collects relevant data from other websites. After that process is complete, the main window will display all of your files arranged by type.

The setup of Kodi for iOS and tvOS devices, such as iPhones, iPads, and Apple TV, is a more difficult process. In actuality, jailbreaking iOS devices is required and is not recommended for those who are weak of heart. Even the Apple TV install required the usage of a Mac and Apple’s Xcode developer program. We don’t advise using these gadgets with Kodi unless you’re quiet and have electronics.


Is Kodi Software Legal? 

There are no illegal issues in Kodi  services. As subscribers, Kodi IPTV customers didn’t find any illegal issues with installing or watching IPTV apps. We said before that Kodi IPTV is free and open source. If subscribers find any illegal issues IPTV immediately notify subscribers through their official website. 

But remember that the IPTV network is unable to verify when non-verified IPTV services process the important licensing. 


Is Kodi Safe?

Yes. So far Kodi IPTV seems safe to subscribers. As an IPTV user, I didn’t face anything unsafe. If subscribers face any issue then KodiIPTV must mention it on their official website. 

There are no major security or network issues found in Kodi IPTV. But before confirming this, first, we may check security and its network issues. At first, we gave KodiIPTV an official URL on VirusTotal software. Then we can easily confirm it. Kodi IPTV’s official website URL is kodiiptv.com.

After scanning the virus we didn’t find any harmful or dangerous issues. KodiIPTV website link doesn’t contain any dangerous files with harmful viruses according to VirusTotal software. 


What are the Best Live TV Kodi Addons?

The Crew, Rising Tides, SportsDevil, Limitless, The Loop, Mad Titan Sports, and other add-ons we’ve featured on this list are some of the Best Kodi Addons for Live TV.

Kodi IPTV Addons: What Is It?

Installing a Kodi Live TV Addon will give you access to live channels, sports, and other content from an extra source.


Which System Supports These Streaming Choices?

Any device that is connected to the Internet can use any of the add-ons on this list. The Amazon Firestick, Android TV boxes, Windows and Mac computers, smartphones, tablets, and more are all part of this.


Final Thought

Kodi IPTV apps are open-source services. Kodi IPTV Doesn’t host any free content. But there are many free and paid streaming services or content on Kodi IPTV. As a subscriber, you can use your video player for Kodi. Kodi IPTV has an open and detailed PVR wiki page.

A few things I noticed when I explored some unique things about Kodi IPTV. Among these are some of the issues I have discussed before. However, I would like to mention them at the end of my Kodi IPTV review guide.

The Kodi Center, an independent technological organization, created the free and open-source media player program known as Kodi. With a 10-foot user interface for usage with televisions and remote devices, Kodi is suitable for a wide range of operating systems and hardware platforms. The majority of videos, music, audio and other digital media files from local and network storage devices as well as the internet may be played and viewed with this program.