10 Best Primewire Alternatives (100% Functional)

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First Cable is an online streaming website that features free movies and TV shows for visitors around the world. Like other online streaming websites, a Primewire website does not have unique, royalty-free content for visitors.

Consequently, there is a possibility that the worst-case scenario could occur: the closure of Primewire’s websites. We should not worry about the fact that there are also many other free online websites that provide a similar experience to visitors. Therefore, we can also say that these online websites are alternatives to Primewire websites. Here, we will discuss the 10 best Primewire alternate sites to watch movies online.

Top 10 Primewire Alternatives for 2023

1. SolarMoviePrimewire Alternatives

SolarMovie provides a modern design for visitors to watch various movies and TV shows online. The most essential features of this website make it easier for visitors to watch movies and TV shows online.

This website also provides an IMDb rating for all visitors. Consequently, you can easily understand the rating of each TV show and movie. After viewing the rating of each movie and TV show, you can easily skip a movie or TV show that is not interesting to the audience. SloarMovie does not compromise on the quality of the videos. That is why it gives the best quality videos to individuals. With the help of this website, you can enjoy Blu-Ray movie clips. It means that this website is publishing the original content instead of the CAM-recorded content.

2. Put locker

Primewire AlternativesPutLocker is known as one of the oldest online streaming websites. When you visit this online streaming web portal, this online streaming website will appear outdated. They have kept the outdated design of the web portal as they want to add charm to their web portal. Instead of seeing its design, you should try to see the content that is available on this web portal. This web portal has quite a bit of content for visitors. Supported by its sufficient content, this website is satisfying online streaming enthusiasts. This website has a wide compilation of Hollywood movies and talk shows in English. To please Asian visitors, this website also has a large collection of Asian dramas and TV shows. In addition, this website is also satisfying visitors who enjoy the golden age of cinema. Taking into account the interest of children, this website also broadcasts Japanese cartoons.

3. 123Movie

Primewire Alternatives

As several Primewire websites are closing, this website is gaining popularity among visitors. The most important features of this website that attract the visitors are that it gives a modern design for the visitors, provides a wide selection of content for the visitors, provides multiple mirrors for the users and also provides excellent support for keyboard shortcuts.

The only drawback with this website is that it displays ads. Visitors to 123Movies can easily understand the fact behind these ads because these ads are necessary for this website to stay afloat. To help visitors, this website has classified the content into different categories. Consequently, visitors can easily find content according to their interests by simply clicking on the required category.

4. GoMovies

Primewire Alternatives

GoMovies has a great compilation of movies and TV shows. With the help of this huge collection of movies and TV shows, this essential website is satisfying the viewers of each and every genre. This essential website provides the most prominent search bar for visitors. With the support of this search bar, you can easily search for any movies and TV shows based on your interest. After searching for movies and TV shows, you can easily enjoy the live streaming of these movies and TV shows. When you visit this site, you will see 4 bars at the top of the page. The first is for the home page. The second is for movies. When you click on this bar, you can easily watch 4 types of movies. These four movie genres are action, adventure, animation, and biography. The third bar is for TV shows and the last bar is for news channels.

5. Vumoo

Primewire Alternatives

Vumoo is also an alternative option to Primewire because it allows you to watch your favorite movies and TV series. When you visit this essential website, you will see that movies and series are classified into particular categories.

You can easily watch your favorite movies by clicking on the movies category and you can also watch your favorite TV series by clicking on the TV Series category. The only problem with this web portal is that it does not classify movies and series according to their genre and year of release. However, you can easily overcome this problem by using your search bar. With the support of its search bar, you can easily search for any kind of movie and series. To watch movies and TV series on this website, you do not need to create an account.

6. Films

At first, this website was not famous among people. Nowadays, when we talk about the free website to watch movies and dramas, FMovies is known as one of the most essential websites for viewers. On this website, you can easily discover and visit movies and dramas as per your choice. When you visit this web portal, you will see many categories. The first category is for the genre of movies and dramas. The most famous movie and drama genres on this website are action, adventure, animation, biography, comedy and crime, etc. The second category is for the country. By clicking on it, you will get a list of countries. By clicking on a country, you can watch movies and TV shows in that specific country. Likewise, you can also see some other categories like launch, most viewed, and AZ list. You can click on any category and enjoy your favorite movies and series.


AFDAH is a different online streaming website in that it indexes and crawls the other websites that provide online streaming services to visitors. As its content is not managed by the owner of the web portal, therefore, this web portal is not responsible for the accuracy and legitimacy of the content.

This online streaming website removes copyrighted content when someone reports it. On the main page of this site, you will see that each and every movie is classified into different categories. The most recognized categories on this web portal are action, adventure, crime, news, secret, musical, suspense, war and science fiction, etc. As you move down the page, you will also see certain other options. In these options, you will also see the movie menu. In the movies menu, you will see options like browse all movies, browse by year, browse by country, and browse by language.

8. Ololo

Ololo does not host any type of content on its servers. Either way, it’s behaving like Google for movies and TV shows.

When you search for any movie or TV show on this website, it will give you an idea about various content distributors that host this movie or TV show. In other words, we can also say that Ololo behaves like a special search engine. When you visit this website, this website will also give you an idea of ​​the main searches during the last 24 hours and 7 days.

9. CoolMovieZone

The most important feature of this website is that each and every movie on this website is categorized into genres and release years. The first category is for first-run movies. By clicking on this alternative, you can easily get the movies that are released right now. The second category is for featured films. The third category is for upcoming movies. The fourth category is for Bollywood movies. The fifth category is for each and every movie. By clicking on this alternative, you will get a list of movies of all genres based on their popularity. The last option is for Telugu movies. This website also provides a search bar for visitors. With the help of this search bar, you can easily get the most appealing movies according to your decision and interest.

10. Yes movies

By visiting this web portal, you can enjoy the wonderful experience of cinematography. Its reason is that when you visit this website, you will see a huge search bar in the center of the page.

With the support of this huge search bar, you can easily search for your favorite, event shows, movies and TV shows. Sometimes there is a chance that you don’t know what is interesting to see on the Internet. In such a situation, this website provides the best solution for you. You just have to click on “What’s Hot” and this web portal will give you a list of the most popular drama series and movies. This bar is free in the lower right corner of the page. In addition to this, at the top of the page, you will see 2 bars. The first is for movies and the second is for TV shows.

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