Reasons Why You Should Wear Human Hair Blend Wigs

A human hair blend wigs is one that is made up of both human and synthetic hair. These wigs have numerous advantages, including the ability to retain style longer due to synthetic fibres and a natural look and feel due to human hair. These blends have been on the market for a while, but not everyone is aware of how fantastic blended wig can be! Continue reading to find out what these blends bring to the table and which ones we prefer.

What are Human Hair Blend Wigs?

A human hair blend wig combines human and synthetic hair. The fibre ratio varies by manufacturer. Some wigs have a 50/50 blend, while others have a 70/30 blend. In any case, the combination of human and synthetic hair results in a wig that is stronger, more durable, and versatile.

Why do people use human hair blend wigs?

  • Human Hair Blend Wigs Hold Style Longer- 

The combination of human hair and heat-friendly synthetic locks allow you to style your hair using heat tools. Although human hair may still be prone to weather-related changes, heat-friendly synthetic locks help secure the shape.

Is A Human Hair And Synthetic Wig Blend Right For You?

  • Human Hair wigs 

Human hair has the most natural appearance and feel. Nothing compares to the feel and movement of high-quality human hair. Remy human hair is regarded as a premium option due to its ease of styling and resistance to tangling. Remy hair with an attached cuticle layer is more likely to be of higher quality; all human hair wigs are high-end!

  • Synthetic Hair Wigs

Synthetic hair has advanced significantly! Human hair of good quality is becoming more difficult to find and more expensive when it is found!

The emphasis has been on perfecting synthetic hair fibre so that it looks and behaves like human hair. The end result… incredible! The appearance is virtually indistinguishable from human hair wigs, and the feel is extremely realistic!

Because most synthetic wigs can be worn right out of the box with little or no styling, they are an excellent choice. In addition, unlike human hair, synthetic hair retains its style regardless of the weather.

We always recommend finding a great human hair blend wigs for special occasions or when you want to feel pure luxury, and having a synthetic wig or two for everyday; or when you don’t have time to style your hair but want to look like you did. Remember, if the weather is questionable, always opt for synthetic!

How to maintain human hair blend wigs

  • Before washing, comb through the wig with a wide tooth comb.
  • Holding the front of the cap with one hand, rinse under the faucet, wetting the entire wig with cool to lukewarm water.
  • Allow no hair to float in water or near the drain.
  • Make a lather with shampoo in your hand, then apply it to the wig and gently work it through the hair.
  • Rinse and shampoo once more. Rinse.
  • Apply a small amount of conditioner to the palm of your hand and work it through your hair. Rinse
  • Squeeze excess water from the wig gently.
  • Roll the wig up on a clean towel and squeeze to absorb excess water.
  • Spray leave-in conditioner liberally and comb through wig with a wide-tooth comb, brushing wig in all directions.
  • Place the wig on a wig stand and allow it to AIR-DRY.

Reasons why You Should Wear Human Hair Blend Wigs(Pros)

Wigs with both real hair and synthetic hair are totally a thing. A human hair blend wig is made up of some real hair and some artificial hair. Now, the real question is whether or not it’s worth spending money on wigs with a mix of real and synthetic hair. We’ve made a list of the pros and cons of buying wigs with a mix of human and synthetic hair.

What’s good About Human Hair Blend wigs?

1. Human Hair Blend wig Lightweight & Comfortable

If you’ve ever switched from a human hair wig to a synthetic wig, you’ve probably noticed one major difference: weight. When comparing a human hair wig to a synthetic wig of the same length, the synthetic wig will almost certainly feel lighter. This is due to the synthetic locks’ construction material.

Another significant advantage of a human hair and synthetic blend wig is its lightweight. Because of the combination of materials, the wig feels lighter than a human hair wig due to the percentage of synthetic hair used. This can be a big plus if you don’t like how heavy a human hair wig is overall, and it also makes this type of wig a good choice for warmer weather.

2. The Price is Right

You’ve probably noticed the difference in price between human hair and synthetic wigs. Human hair wigs are generally MUCH more expensive. A good quality human hair wig will most likely cost between $800 and $3,000. Synthetic wigs, including heat-friendly wigs, can start as low as $100 for a high-quality product.

With the human hair/synthetic blend wigs, you’ll notice a lovely thing happening in terms of price: a compromise. While these wigs are still more expensive than synthetic wigs, they are less expensive than most full human hair wigs. Most wigs that have some human hair in them cost between $400 and $900.

Human hair blend wigs

3. Human Hair Blend Wigs Last Longer

Although both Tim Synthetic (in this case, Heat Friendly) and Tim Human Hair know that they can take their wig style from straight to curly and conversely, it is well accepted that synthetic hairstyles are less of a problem to retain. Even though human hair can still be styled beautifully, heat-friendly synthetic fibers keep their shape when styled with heat for a very simple, locked-in look.

Reasons why You shouldn’t Wear Human Hair Blend Wigs(Cons)

1. Synthetic Hair & Human Hair Have Different Lifespans

Because these two types of hair have different lifespans and age in different ways, your human hair blend wig may look and feel less than ideal. Human hair wigs typically last about a year if properly cared for. Synthetic hair, particularly heat-friendly synthetic hair, has a lifespan of only 3-6 months, especially if worn daily.

Unfortunately, you will probably notice wear on your synthetic strands before you notice wear on your human hair locks. Synthetic hair may develop a less luxurious, more dull appearance, especially if worn on a daily basis. This will result in some noticeable contrast between the various strands.

Furthermore, one disadvantage of human hair wigs is the possibility of color fade.

2. Human Hair Reacts to Weather Changes

Weather has an impact on more than just your day, mood, or overall wardrobe choices; it also has an impact on your hair. You’ve probably noticed that after a day in the humidity or a rainstorm, your biological locks can look a little crazy. Human hair wigs will perform the same function.

3. More Difficult Maintenance

Because blended wigs are made of two kinds of hair fibers, they can be harder and take longer to take care of. For these wigs to last and continue to look and feel great, you’ll need to take good care of them by using the right shampoo, conditioner, and heat treatments. Choose products that can be used on both wigs made of synthetic hair and wigs made of real hair.

A human hair blend wigs consists of a percentage of human hair mixed with synthetic hair (normally heat friendly synthetic). This can give you the best of both worlds—unfortunately, it might also give the worst of both worlds. Click here to learn more about caring for your wig.

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Human hair blend wigs  is a combination of non-Remy human hair and hair with damaged cuticles mixed with synthetic hair. This is more durable than synthetic hair, looks more natural, and can be curled and styled.

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