25 Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 And Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 Tips And Tricks

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 5 feels and works almost similar to last year’s Z Fold 4, save for a new hinge that allows the phone for you to fold flat – and specific new colors. Although the design is practically exactly the same, there are just a few new software attributes that haven’t but still made their option to the Z Flip 4. But for everybody who is a newcomer to helping you fold phones, then welcome towards a whole new entire world of smartphone work. Folding phones feature more diversity drank, there are more displays and a lot more opportunities to acquire the most out of your shiny new smartphone.

On the other hand, Samsung’s Universe Z. Make use of 5 will be 1 heck from the smartphone, despite that the year’s refinements were marginal. The latest joint would make the particular Z Turn 5 believe lesser than, after that, there is certainly the popular Include Display screen that could be more substantial and useful than previously.

Here are the best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 tipsandtricks

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5

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Customize recent apps shown in the taskbar

While you open your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5, you will see a taskbar towards the bottom of the display screen. You may tailor-make which in turn apps are usually secured right here, about nine in whole, remember which mainly the best few applications most people devote all the taskbar will be noticeable inside the dock relating to the cover-up tv screen.

Just like you will utilize Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5, transferring between applications and additionally employing your telephone whilst you in most cases accomplish, you should realize that a bit of your own newly released applications makes an appearance to the appropriate with the taskbar. A default arranging, that’s also possible for the Z Flip the four, will be to demonstrate you’re a couple of recently put into-use apps.

Having said that, beginning with that Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5, you may up which telephone number in order to five from your most current applications, but that’s a characteristic you’ll want to yourself first turn on. For doing that, open your Settings iPhone app and afterward pay a visit to Show > Taskbar. One time truth be told there, touch relates to displaying newly released applications after which it decides on the sheer number of blogs you desire to show up.

The options can be only two, 3, and also contemplate. Conversely, you may be disappointed in demonstrating recent applications almost always. One time you have been accomplished, once again away from the adjustments app. In the years ahead, just like your reversal involving apps, you will see a lot more (or less) from your most recently utilized software make an appearance in the taskbar, putting an overall all the way to 12 applications simply a spigot aside.

Hide the taskbar

You can quickly conceal the taskbar by long-pressing on it if it’s getting in the way. You’ll experience a brief vibration and then it will vanish from the bottom of the screen after a brief delay. You must long-press again near the bottom of the screen to bring it back. Keep your finger totally stationary when long pressing in order to restore the taskbar without invoking Android’s multitasking gesture. This is an android tricks.

Two-handed drag and drop

Multitasking to the Unces Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 typically comprises choosing 2 software, side-by-side, plus hauling along with dropping text messages or possibly photos somewhere between a pair of applications. Nevertheless what the results are if you end up using a single software package, and even realize you should drag and also tumble something towards yet another software? This is an android tricks.

Samsung has implemented two-handed drag and drops with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5, though. In essence, it enables you to choose an object in one app by giving it a lengthy press with one finger, then, using your second hand, launch another app and drop the item – such as an image or text – into that app. Launch the Gallery application on your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 to give it a try.

In your gallery, long-press any picture. Use the other hand to launch a different app, such as Messages or Google Docs, without taking your finger off the floating image. With your second hand still in use, slowly browse to a particular document or conversation thread in the second app. This is an android tricks.

Up to three apps at a time

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5’s inner screen is built for multitasking and showing you multiple apps at the same time. To get started, open one app so that it’s taking up the entire screen. Next, you can drag an app from the taskbar to either side of the screen and let go. The first app will instantly resize to take up half the screen, while the other app opens. This is an android tricks.

If you want to add a third app to the mix, repeat the process, but note that the third app will only take up a quarter of the screen. If the app you want to add isn’t in your taskbar, you can always press the app drawer button and drag the app’s icon out of there. This is an easy tricks.

App in a pop-up window

There is a hidden function that enables you to start an app in a pop-up window as opposed to opening two apps simultaneously. Start by dragging an app off of the taskbar to activate it. To lift your finger, move the app to the center of the screen rather than dragging it to either side. A smaller window with the app will then open, which you may move around, resize, or even alter the transparency of. Tap on the little line at the top of the app’s window to see more pop-up choice selections. This is an android tricks.

S Pen acts as a Photoshop

Like its predecessors, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 doesn’t come with an S Pen stylus. Instead, you’ll need to purchase it separately, and this year Samsung’s Slim S Pen case provides a layer of protection while also giving you a convenient spot to keep the S Pen nearby. Of course, with the S Pen, you can do things like write notes, sketch out ideas, and use it in place of your finger to navigate your phone. But there’s also a cool trick you can do with the S Pen in the Gallery app that makes you feel like you’re wielding a magic wand. This is an android tricks.

Open the Gallery app, and then open a second app in split-screen orientation. Find a picture of an object that you’d like to remove from its background, then using the S Pen, touch the screen with the tip of the pen until you see an animation on the object and it starts to float. You can then drag the background-free object to another app and use it in a message, or add it to a document. This is the best trick among Android tricks.

Sync your app layout

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 considers the front screen and internal display as two separate home screens right out of the box. You must therefore add, uninstall, and arrange apps on both screens. That might work for some people. Others, though, find it more convenient to have the same layout in both locations, and you may enable a setting to make that feasible. Select Home screen from the list of options in the Settings app, then choose Cover screen mirroring, and finally hit the On button.

When the option is activated, the cover screen’s first home screen layout will be the one from the main display’s left side.

Rear cameras for a selfie

When you open the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5, the cover screen and rear cameras are facing the same way. Know what that means? High-quality selfies, complete with a screen to perfectly frame your shot. The quickest way to use the rear cameras with the cover display is, with the phone closed, to open the camera app by double-pressing the side button and then tapping the Selfie button in the top-left corner of the screen. This is the best android tricks.

Set up face unlock

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5’s side button pulls double duty as a fingerprint reader that you can use to unlock the phone and sign into apps. It does a fine job and is useful, but it also requires you to think about touching the button before the phone unlocks. In addition to using the fingerprint sensor, set up face unlock, which requires nothing more than you looking at the phone to unlock it.

To go through the setup process, open the Settings app, then go to Security and Privacy> Face Recognition. You’ll be asked to enter your PIN, and then the phone will walk you through setting up face recognition. Once your face is registered, every time you pick up your phone and wake it up, you’ll see a quick light animation around the front-facing camera letting you know it’s scanning your face. This is an android tricks.

Ditch Samsung’s keyboard

Samsung’s default keyboard is good but not great, with autocorrect often leading to embarrassing typos or gibberish. Google’s Gboard is a lot better at predicting what you want to say, and it has a split-screen option that’s perfect for foldable like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5. Download Gboard and follow the instructions in the app to make the switch. Odds are, you’ll never look back. Seriously. If you want to dive deeper into GBoard and what it can do, make sure to read our tipsandtricks. This is an easy tricks.

Get rid of Google Discover

Whenever you swipe all the way to the left on the main home screen, you’re taken to Google Discover, a curated newsfeed that sometimes has valuable stories. If you’d rather not see Google Discover, long-press on your home screen and then swipe over to view the Discover thumbnail. There’s a toggle at the top of the thumbnail to turn the page off. Alternatively, you can switch to Samsung News by selecting it in the list of options. This is an easy tricks.

Turn on the Always-On Display

One of the best features of any Android phone is its always-on display, which makes it easy to glance at the time, weather, and other information like which apps you have pending alerts from. On the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5, you have to tap on the screen to trigger it by default, meaning it’s not always on. To change that, open the Settings app then go to Lock Screen > Always-on display. Slide the switch to the on position. I have mine set to turn on in the morning, shortly after my alarm, then turn off around the time I typically go to bed. This is an easy tricks.

Hidden Features in Labs

Nearly all Samsung phones have a Labs section in the settings app. This is where the company puts features that aren’t quite finished but are ready for wider use and testing. It’s always a good idea to check out the Labs section on a new phone such as the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 to see what’s in there and what you might want to use. To find Labs, open the Settings app, select Advanced Features, and then Labs.

On the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5, there’s an option to force all apps to work with a split-screen view or as a pop-up, even if the app doesn’t explicitly support the feature. While you’re here, you’ll also want to visit the Flex mode panel option and enable it. I’ll explain what it is in the next section. This is an android tricks.

Flex mode panel

After turning on the Flex mode panel in Labs, you’ll find a new button along the bottom of the screen whenever you have the phone partially folded so you can see the top half of the screen. Flex mode is a handy way to watch YouTube videos, or take a picture using the rear-facing cameras while letting the phone rest on a stable surface, turning it into a makeshift tripod. When using Flex mode, you can tap on the Flex mode panel button to add several controls and enhancements to the bottom half of the screen. This is an android tricks.

For instance, when you trigger the panel in YouTube, you can view the current playback scrubber, as well as access playback controls. There’s also a trackpad tool you can use, along with a mouse pointer, to interact with the top half of the display. You can also adjust the phone’s volume, and brightness, or trigger the notification shade from the Flex mode panel.

Preview your photos after taking them

Sure, you could use the entire main display as a viewfinder to take your pictures. It does make it a lot easier to get the shot you want. But there’s another tool built into the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5’s camera app that makes it easy to see the photos you’re taking, as you take them, without leaving the camera app.

When you’re using the main display with the camera app, there’s a button in the top-left corner of the display that looks like a book or a smaller version of the Fold; select it. The viewfinder will shrink to take up half of the screen, with the other half to show you pictures as you capture them. This works in both portrait and landscape mode, making it really easy to make adjustments without ever leaving the camera app. This is an easy tricks.

Here are the best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 tipsandtricks

Master Cover Screen gestures

The new front display in Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 is way more interactive than the previous Z Flip 4. You can cycle among your widgets, engage with notifications, and change settings by using a sequence of taps and swipes. But before you can achieve it, you must become familiar with the fundamentals:

  • To wake up the phone, double-tap the screen.
  • To access your alerts, swipe right.
  • Viewing your widgets requires a left swipe.
  • View your fast settings panel by swiping down.
  • To choose a widget more quickly, pinch to zoom in and view all of your widgets.
  • To modify your widgets or change your wallpaper, long-press the screen.

Change the Cover Screen wallpaper

By selecting one of Samsung’s designs or making your own, you can rapidly customize the Cover Screen. To quickly and easily navigate between the Samsung wallpapers, wake up the phone, unlock it, and then long-press the Cover Screen. Browse the various layouts by scrolling up or down. Tap the one you prefer to make your wallpaper if you find one.

When you find a wallpaper you like, you should be able to customize it by opening the phone, however, when I attempted it with a few of the current wallpapers, I got a message saying that I couldn’t modify those. This is an easy tricks.

Add more widgets to the Cover Screen

Customizing the wallpaper is fun and all, but where the Cover Screen really becomes useful is when you start adding and using widgets. You can add more widgets directly from the Cover Screen by long-pressing on your wallpaper and swiping to the left. You’ll have much more control – and it’s an overall better experience – if you open the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 though. Once open, go to Settings > Cover screen > Widgets.

There you’ll find a list of available widgets you can turn on or off, as well as customize the order in which they appear as you scroll through them on your phone’s front screen. This is an easy tricks.

Access more apps on the Cover Screen

Like Motorola’s 40 Ultra/Razr+, you can use any app on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5’s Cover Screen. But unlike the Razr+ that runs apps on the front screen out of the box, Samsung requires you to enable the feature for a limited number of apps. You can do that by going into the Settings app and selecting Advanced Features> Labs. Next, tap on Apps allowed on the cover screen.

At the top of the screen, you will see a toggle to turn the feature on. Below is a list of apps you can access on the cover screen. Right now, the list of apps I have installed on my Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 that are supported is pretty limited. For me, it includes apps such as Netflix, YouTube, Google Messages, Samsung Messages, and Google Maps.

I’m not sold on watching videos on the front display, but I can definitely see Messages and Maps being handy. If you find any apps on the list appealing, make sure to enable them on this screen. You can find the apps you enabled by swiping past all of your enabled widgets on the Cover Screen.

Use any app on the Cover Screen

If you want to use any app on the Cover Screen, you’ll need to do a bit more work. The workaround here, which is something Samsung is explicitly requiring, is to add a Cover Screen widget with app icons of your choosing. What it looks like on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 after you setup Good Lock

Here are the steps you’ll need to follow:

  • Install the good Lock app from the Galaxy Store.
  • Open Good Lock, then select Life up from the bottom navigation bar.
  • Scroll down until you find the Multistar module and install it.
  • Once Multistar is installed, open it and then select I Love Galaxy Foldable at the top of the screen.
  • Select Launcher Widget.
  • Finally, add shortcuts to any apps you want to use on the Cover Screen.

Any apps you add to the Launcher Widget will be available to run on the Cover Screen once you navigate to that widget. Keep in mind, however, that not all of them will look good or even be usable. Experiment with it and find what works for you. This is the best Samsung Z flip5 Android tricks. This is an easy tricks.

Reply to messages from the Cover Screen

You don’t always have to open the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 to reply to a message. With the larger display, there’s enough room for what feels like a nearly full-sized keyboard. To reply to a message, swipe to the right on the screen to view your alerts; select one to view it. Tap the Reply button below the body of the message and begin typing away. Tap the send button when you’re done. This the best tipsandtricks among Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 android tricks. This is an easy tricks.

Use Flex Mode for all tasks

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 supports Flex Mode, which allows you to partially bend the internal display, propping the rear cameras and Cover Screen up, acting as a makeshift tripod. Or if you turn the phone sideways while it’s bent, you can mimic the look and feel of using the phone as an old-school camcorder.

Flex Mode is also useful in some apps, such as YouTube to watch videos on the top half of the screen and access playback controls on the bottom. Or when recording a Reel in the Instagram app. If you want even more controls in Flex Mode, turn on the Flex Mode Panel by going to Settings > Advanced features > Labs and enabling Flex Model Panel. You can pick and choose which apps you want it turned on for, and it’ll give you more settings and controls over the app along with your device. This is an easy tricks.

Take a selfie without opening the phone

Double-press the side button/fingerprint sensor on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 to open the Camera app and take a selfie using the Cover Screen to frame your shot. The best part? You’re using the rear cameras in this setup, so the final product is going to look better than if you took a selfie using the internal display’s front-facing camera.

You can also swipe in either direction in the camera app to switch between portrait, photo, and video shooting modes. This is an easy tricks.

Ditch Samsung’s keyboard for a better typing experience

Samsung’s own keyboard is good, but not great. And you deserve a keyboard that’s great. I recommend switching to Gboard for a better overall experience and improved autocorrect. I covered how to do this in detail in a separate feature, but if you want the shorter version – download Gboard, launch it, and then follow the instructions. You’ll thank yourself later.

Multitask by using two apps at the same time

If you ever find yourself wishing you could use two apps at the same time on the Samsung z flip5, I have good news – you can, and it’s really easy to do.

Start by opening one of the apps you’d like to use, then swipe up from the bottom of the screen and pause about 1/3 of the way up to trigger the app overview screen. Tap on the app icon at the top of the app you’re currently using, then select Open in split screen view. This is an easy tricks.

The app will shrink down to take up the top half of the screen, with the bottom section showing you a list of your installed apps. Find and select the second app you want to use. Drag the handle between the two apps to adjust their size, or single-tap it to see additional options.

We have more Samsung advice available if you need it. I was astounded by all that a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 and Samsung z flip5 could do when I first started using one. But that could also bring on a feeling of being overpowered. Allow it not to be. Use every one of its sophisticated features or none at all. Everything depends on you.

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