Social Media Extraction Tool: 5 Best Tools in 2022

Best Social Media Extraction Tools For Social Media Lead Generation in 2022.

In this digital era, social media extraction tool is an important instrument for lead generation. Especially on professional websites. Extraction tools help gather a lot of information to enhance your business. These effective tools are beneficial for data collection, but first you have to know their proper uses.

Uncountable information, ideas, audio, images, and videos are already published on social media when you are reading this article. In fact, every second shares a lot of posts, blogs, and articles on this vast network. And here people take it as a natural and crucial part of their daily lives.

Through web and data scraping, you can extract data for your website. It’s all possible because of the contribution of social media. Extraction tools on social media are indescribable. It is artificial intelligence software that provides the intelligence to gather data from social media.

There are various sources and techniques for extraction data. You can get different extraction tools for your professional work on social media. It has undoubted importance and benefits for email marketing and other social work.

leadfoxy social media extraction tool

What is a Social Media Extraction Tool?

Social media extraction tools are those Ai tools generally used for data collection from social media. It collects data like, Email, Phone Number, Websites etc. These tools can extract data from various social media like Twitter, LinkedIn. 

Through extraction tools, you can gather huge amounts of data from different sources. It may be on-site, cloud-based, or both.

Expensive data extraction tools are able to collect data from web-based sources from various social media. such as e-commerce, blogs, websites, mainstream news services, as well as internal and external links. 

Email extraction tools keep the vast contribution of social media to gather all the information about businesses and business owners. 

In recent years, extraction tools have become popular and their necessity is increasing massively. Through this medium, you can save your valuable time as well as do your work virtually. Some effective social media extraction tools are:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest


Importance of Extraction tool for social media

Tools for extracting plays a vital role for expanding your business area & getting enough data resources. Without data you can complete your task properly. Getting the required data is not as simple as other times. Some information would be kept private for some reason. Moreover, most of the time you will be able to get data through some extraction tools. 

By using these effective tools, you will be able to extract vital information from your potential clients by using different keywords, parameters, and topics from key social and professional networks such as LinkedIn.

For the welfare of these effective tools, it was getting easier than before for business marketers to know their competitors’ current position & activity. 

In a nutshell, the importance of extraction tools include:

  • Easy to know business owners & his profile details.
  • Getting all information virtually
  • It was easy to monitor your competitors
  • To help us keep manage official data process properly
  • Enable to collect relevant data from webpages.


Benefits of using social media extraction tool

The extraction tool collects vast amounts of data from the social media and gathers all of this information in a file. And you can get it on spreadsheet when you need it or deliver it to your client. 

Here are some benefits of social media extraction tools that might be helpful for you:

  • Leads Extraction

Lead generation tools will be used for numerous sources, like social media, landing pages, etc. Generating more and more leads is one of the objectives for every business. You can search for emails that are relevant to your company & suited to your target market.

  • Understand Market Trend

Extract data will help you to understand market trends, keep up with market demands, and anticipate future trends. It also helps you to know which trends are being followed and which trends will be followed in the future. 

After analysis, it will be easy to understand what step you have to take for your business. It will become one of your most effective strategies for keeping your goal objective and business process up to date.

  • To Know Competitor’s Position

By extracting tools, you can observe what your competitors are doing & the feedback they are getting. This also gives valuable insights into what types of strategies are working well for them.

It will help to alert you to keep updating with your business competitors in the market. This also provides useful information about the types of methods that are effective for you.

  • Level of scalability

Data extraction software is essential for aiding businesses with large-scale data collection. Users would have to manually filter through sources to gather this information if these tools weren’t available. 

Manual processing limits an organization’s ability to exploit collected data, regardless of how much data it consumes. Organizations can improve the amount of data that can be deployed for specific use cases by automating extraction.


05 Best Social Media Extraction Tools in 2022

You can collect your necessary web information through various extraction tools, but this article will help you to know the 10 best extraction tools for social media.

  • LeadFoxy

LeadFoxy is the best Ai tool for social media data extraction. It’s not just a single social media extraction tool, It is a complete sales automation and b2b lead generation software Package. All kinds of lead generation and sales automation tools like LinkedIn Email Finder, Newsletter Champaign tools e.t.c. you can get under a one subscription. Some key feature of LeadFoxy: 

  • Extract data like email, phone number, website etc from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Quora, Reddit, Tumblr, and Youtube.
  • Extract data from domains
  • Collects more & more leads easily
  • Convert leads into clients with LeadFoxy Ai tools.
  • Very cost efficient 
  • ParseHub

ParseHub is a free web scraping tool with a lot of features. This extraction tool is available as a cloud-based solution, but you may also download and install the free version. if you’re on a low budget. They have worked for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and a variety of other sites. Some features of ParseHubs are:

  • Easy to extract text, images, attributes & more
  • Cloud based software
  • Scrape data from any dynamic website
  • It is extremely scalable
  • ScrappingBee

ScrippingBee will help you get better data extraction for getting helpful information. ScrapingBee is also one of the most widely used social media scraping programs. It competes with ScraperAPI in that it also offers proxy APIs for web scraping. Here some feature of ScrappingBee: 

  • Cost efficient 
  • Easily Customized
  • Efficient and structured extracting tool

The Scrab tool is a highly sophisticated application created specifically for generating leads from LinkedIn. You can start producing leads with just a few clicks. It is not a free tool, but they do offer new users the opportunity to check it out for free.

In a very straightforward and actionable manner, the program helps you produce leads on LinkedIn. It further divides these leads based on the demographics of your target audience.

Here are some key feature of 

  • Flexible Pricing
  • Cloud based software
  • Compliant & Confidential
  • Scrape data from various source


  • Grepsr

Grepsr’s managed web scraping solutions can provide you with all of the web data you require from the internet. It will help you develop data extraction solutions.

Let’s take a look at some of the tool’s best features:

  • Flexible Pricing
  • Easily Customized
  • Compliant & Confidential
  • Efficient and structured web extracting service


With the help of social media extraction tool, you can extract potential web data from various social media platforms for your clients or business task purposes. Among them, some are paid tools with the lowest price.

It’s vital that if you have a unique need for scraping social media that isn’t addressed by any of the tools above, you should be able to design it yourself – or hire someone to do it for you – and that you shouldn’t be limited to our list of ready-made solutions alone. We make this list to make your social media lead generation more efficient and smooth.