Top ten benefits of a VPN service

Virtual Private Network is a well-known thing in the internet era. In the world, now people are getting the benefits of internet use. The Internet is one of the best contributors to globalization. But, the internet not only brought different benefits for the people. Along with the benefits, it has many cons. The Internet has now become one of the factors for violating one’s privacy. 

To help people to maintain privacy, the need for VPN use has arisen. Here, this blog will explore 10 benefits of a VPN service.  Before moving to the top ten benefits of a VPN service, we will explore what a VPN is and how it works. People sometimes become confused about the legal status of using a VPN. Hope this article will help you to understand why you should use a VPN service.  At the end of the blog, you can explore a review of the best VPN service. 

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What is a VPN and how does it work? 

VPN through its name says that it is something related to privacy. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. As a privacy tool, VPN helps its users to remain anonymous on the internet medium. VPN works by creating a tunnel between the users and the servers. If you use a VPN service, your Internet Service Provider will not be able to see your internet traffic. 

So, you remain safe from being spied on your internet activity. Try CovermeVPN for the best security purpose. A VPN service provider has many IP addresses at different server locations. When you take a VPN service, it will hide your real IP address and provide you with another IP address. 

The legal status of VPN use 

Many of us think that VPN is something that may not be legal. But be sure that VPN is something that is totally legal. Some countries have given some restrictions on VPN use. But, there is a lack of application of the laws. Moreover, there are no such cases reported till now that an individual is punished for using a VPN service. In the later section, after knowing about the ten benefits of a VPN service, you will become clear why VPN is needed. You will also know why you should use a VPN and why you need not worry about the legal status of VPN use. 

Countries with some restrictions on the VPN use

There are some countries that have strict internet censorship laws. These countries also try to imply restrictions on the use of a VPN. But, the good news for VPN users is that there is no record of punishing anyone for using a VPN service in the world. No countries have yet been successful in applying the laws restricting VPN services. The most strict country in terms of internet censorship in China yet has no consistency in applying the laws on VPN use restrictions. 

Yet, you must be aware of the legal status of the VPN use in the country where you belong. But, do not use a VPN service for any criminal activity. It may bring you to face legal actions. So, let’s explore the countries which try to impose some restrictions on VPN use. 

The countries are China, Russia, Iran, UAE, Oman, Turkey, Iraq, Belarus, North Korea, and Uganda. Although these countries have some restrictions on the use of a VPN, still you can use VPN services in these countries. After knowing the top ten benefits of a VPN, you can understand the valid reasons for using a VPN service. 

Apart from these mentioned countries, most of the countries do not have any restrictions on the use of a VPN  service. For example, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Algeria, Australia, Bahrain, Belgium, and most of the countries of the world has no restriction on VPN use. Sometimes, people search, “Is VPN legal”. So, now the answer is clearly a VPN is legal if you use it for valid reasons. You can go through the link to know if is it legal to use a VPN in 2022 The top ten benefits of a VPN service are as follows. 

Ten benefits of a VPN 

1. Be safe when using public Wi-Fi

Suppose you love traveling. You always travel from one country to another country. When you are traveling you most probably use public Wi-Fi and hotel Wi-Fi. Do you have any idea about the security of using these public internet connections? Yes, you are not safe in this internet medium. 

You need to take safety measures while using public Wifi. One of the solutions for you is to use a VPN service. The VPN will help you to hide your IP address. As a result, no one will be able to extract your internet traffic data. So, you will remain safe if you use a VPN service during the time using public Wi-Fi. 

2. Make your online shopping economical 

The second benefit of the ten benefits of a VPN service is helping the users in online shopping. Sometimes, you may see that an e-commerce site is charging different prices based on the geographic location. What will you do, when an e-commerce site charges a high price in your location? Try a VPN service and change your IP address location. 

By using a VPN service, that has wide coverage you can get an IP address at your preferred place. So, occupy an IP address that gives you the best deal in online shopping. So, by using a VPN service, you can make online shopping smartly. The benefits of using a VPN for saving money in online shopping are not well-known to many of us. 

3. Facilitate and support your professional work

If you are an IT person, you are already aware of how VPN use can benefit you. Here, in this blog, I am using digital marketers as a reference. For example, if you are a digital marketer from China, you may not be able to use different popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more. 

You may need to use these social media channels for the purpose of providing the best digital marketing service or b2b lead generation service for your client. So, using a VPN can be a good solution to your problem. You can access different geo-restricted websites by using a VPN from anywhere and provide the best SEO service to your client or your business. 

4. Enjoy streaming shows 

If you are a series lover, you must be aware of the benefits of a VPN for you. In the world, there are some streaming services that are very popular in the world. But the streaming services are geographically restricted. For example, you are traveling from the UK to India. In India, you will not be able to enjoy BBCiPlayer. To enjoy BBC iPlayer, you must have to live in the UK. 

Here, a VPN brings a solution for enjoying streaming services from anywhere. CovermeVPN has a wide coverage of server locations where you can pick a server as per your need. Like the BBC iPlayer, there are many popular streaming services such as Netflix US which is the most popular in the world. 

5. Maintain security in work from home

After the occurrence of the Covid-19 pandemic, people are more and more taking home office facilities. But, in working from home, an employee may need to access different company files. Connecting to a company network with an unsecured internet connection will hamper your company’s security. 

In this situation, anyone can steal your company’s confidential information. For remote jobs, remote access VPN, mobile VPN, and site-to-site VPN can be good solutions. You can try CovermeVPN for the number one security for your company. 

6. Use blocked social media 

In the world, the use of social media is at its peak. But, there are many countries that have strict internet censorship where they ban different social media channels. For example, in India you will not be able to use TikTok, in China, you can not use Facebook and other popular social media. Know the best working VPN for China

To enjoy popular social media that is blocked in your geographic location, you can try a VPN service. For example, CovermeVPN is developed in a way that it can unblock geo-restrictions easily. So, try CovermeVPN to use the banned social media platforms. 

7. Unblock banned games 

There are many world-recognized games that can be banned in your geographic location. For example, in India, PUBG is a banned game. If you want to play PUBG in India, you may need to use a VPN service. 

We are all aware of the China and USA trade war. For this reason, China has blocked different websites and gaming sites in the USA. So, to enjoy the blocked games from your location, you need a VPN service. 

8. Avoid government surveillance 

Every government in the world has the tendency of spying its citizens. So, if you are a privacy seeker, you may not like this activity of your government. A VPN can become the vanguard for helping you to maintain your privacy. 

Government spying on citizens is not good for its citizens. If you are a person of the opposite political party of the government, the government may purposely spy on you. So, to escape the government’s interference with your privacy, take precautions like using a VPN service.  

9. Explore your torrenting experience 

A VPN also helps in torrenting. If you are a torrent lover, you can use a VPN service to improve your torrenting experience. You can use a VPN to download different content. In torrenting, you will remain safe, if you use a VPN. Your ISP and government will not be able to extract the data about what you are doing while torrenting if you use a VPN. 

So, it is wise to use a VPN service while torrenting. By using a VPN when torrenting, you can watch or download content as you desire. Thus, improving the torrenting experience is one of the biggest benefits of a VPN service. 

10. Improve your overall internet browsing 

By using a VPN, you can browse the internet to relax. You may not worry about your privacy when you are using a VPN service. No one is seeing your online activity, not even your ISP, government, or any hacker. 

By unblocking geo-restrictions, you can explore any website as you wish. So, it will make you savvy internet users. As a responsible individual, you should take your online privacy measure. It is the last benefit of the top ten benefits of a VPN service. 

Best VPN in the world – Best VPN review 

CovermeVPN is the best VPN in the world. The best features of CovermeVPN are as follows. 

  • It keeps a zero-log policy. 
  • It offers 5 simultaneous connections from a single VPN account. 
  • There is the opportunity for unlimited server switching. 
  • It has a military-grade encryption system. 
  • It has the most secured protocols such as IKEV2, IPSEC, OVPN, and L2TP. 
  • CovermeVPN offers dedicated IP service in 6 countries. The list of the countries is the UK, Canada, Germany, USA, Singapore, and Australia. 
  • You will be able to enjoy the mentioned ten benefits of a VPN service if you take VPN service from CovermeVPN. 

Finally, you now know the top ten benefits of a VPN service. If you take a VPN service from the most trusted VPN service provider like CovermeVPN, you will be able to enjoy these ten benefits of a VPN service. 

In selecting a VPN service, check speed, privacy policy, and the capability of unblocking geo-restrictions. By checking the review of the VPNs, try to use the best VPN service for your highest level of internet security.