What is IDM download manager and How to use in a best speed?

Download IDM Download Manager Latest is perfect for those of you who like to download on the Internet. If the file download feels slow, download the latest free version of IDM 2023 and feel the download at maximum speed according to the speed of the internet connection you are using.


The latest version of IDM is highly recommended because Internet Download Manager better known as IDM, is an application that can be used to download various files on the Internet, whether it is software, videos or something. Why should I use IDM? Although we can also download using the default browser, the answer is simple because downloading with the full version of IDM is faster than with the default browser.

IDM download manager

IDM download manager Features

  • IDM is compatible with all types of browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge and various other browsers
  • Supports all types of files, both videos, audio, and document application
  • Easy to download youtube videos, IDM extension in browser makes it easy for you to download videos on YouTube with just one click, even IDM will show a resolution that can be selected when you want to download
  • Download resume, You can delay or pause when downloading and can continue later as needed.


Download Latest IDM 2023

After knowing the features and capabilities of IDM (Internet Download Manager) application, if you want to try it on computer, download the latest full version of IDM and connect it to the browser you are using to make downloading any file easier , but don’t forget to download winrar first because you need to extract the file.


Name Internet Download Manager
Version 6.41.20
Developer Tonec Inc.
OS windows
Size 14.7 megabyte
How to install and activate

Since installing it is not difficult,

1. Disable the antivirus temporarily (Request 100% a man)

2. Simply install it until it is finished and it will immediately be the full version. (Recommended installation via _Silent Install.cmd)

3. If prompted to reboot, please select yes.

4. Happy. It is full and no further activation is needed.


Faster Downloads with IDM


A tried-and-true method for increasing upload and download speeds in Windows 10 is to use a download accelerator. Internet Download Manager (IDM) is fundamentally a download manager that effectively uses the bandwidth of your internet connection to download things. It might not be up to five times faster than your web browsers, but it certainly performs better. You may take advantage of advanced features like Scheduled Downloads, Automatic Virus Checks, and more with IDM.

IDM download manager

How to Use Internet Download Manager


From the main interface, you can see multiple control buttons.


To download new file, simply click Add URL and paste the link to the file that you wish to download.


  • Start downloading by clicking the Start/Resume button.
  • Use the Pause button to postpone the download of a selected file.
  • Stop/Stop All is used to suspend file downloads.
  • Set when to start or stop downloading files.



IDM download manager is a software that can help you download files from the internet faster and easier. It can increase your download speed up to five times, resume broken downloads, schedule downloads, and integrate with various browsers and applications. To use IDM download manager, you need to install it on your computer, activate it with a license key, and configure its settings according to your preferences.

You can then start downloading files by clicking on the download links or using the IDM extension in your browser. You can also manage your downloads by using the IDM main window, where you can view, pause, resume, delete, or categorize your files. IDM download manager is a powerful and convenient tool that can enhance your downloading experience. It is available for download from both its official website and other reliable sources.