Why is the PS cc 2019 App Important?

The PS cc 2019 App was discontinued and removed from Google Play Store for some reason. Some people believe they did this because the PS cc 2019 App has some amazing features, just like Adobe Photoshop for PC, and they didn’t want to lose it since they want Adobe Photoshop Express to be more popular and earn big money from its in-app purchases.


When Adobe abandoned PS Touch CC, some indie developers managed to get the source code and redesign the PS Touch CC app so that all normal users could edit their photos on their mobile phones like they would in Photoshop PC.

PS cc 2019 App

What is PS CC 2019 APK?

The PS cc 2019 App is a mobile version of the PC photo editing software, but it was only available on PC applications, and not everyone has a PC, so they aren’t able to take advantage of its powerful features. Seeing demand, Adobe decided to launch a mobile version equipped with all the powerful tools available in PC software so that people can edit pictures professionally.


As a result, PS Touch was launched for Android and iOS, but it was a paid application. Thus, people began finding its APK, a modified version that is freely available online, which also has all premium features. Adobe, however, discontinued PS Touch today but released another product in its place. There is a new app called Adobe Photoshop Express Photo Editor that is free on the Play Store but has limited features. To access all, you have to pay. Then you can enjoy it, but not everyone can afford it, so you can download PS Touch APK, which is premium unlocked.

PS cc 2019 App

Features Of PS CC 2019 APK


Innovative User Interface

The developer makes the user interface of this application innovative. In that case, even a beginner will be able to use all its features most effectively since they do not have to waste time searching for tools and learning the interface.


So, if you’re a beginner, the PS cc 2019 App will be your first choice. This application is not only used by beginners but also by professionals because of its innovative UI and easy-to-use features.


Edit Background

We have been given a good pose, and even the captured photo is good, but the background ruins the image. Here, the background editor tool is very helpful to change the background to look fantastic and grab the viewer’s attention.


However, the tool is primarily found in paid features, such as PicsArt, so people can’t afford or don’t wish to pay to use it. Therefore, Adobe Photoshop Express Photo Editor, which was formerly known as the PS cc 2019 App, includes it for free.


Insert/Delete Objects

To make our images look prettier, we used to add or delete elements from them. When the theme of the photo is a forest, we may wish to add wild creatures, or we could want to clean up our friends’ soiled faces before posting them on social media.


Nevertheless, you can merge two photos to make a single one very easily with this tool so that you can make a family photo from individual photos. You don’t have to be an expert in rocket science to do this. Even a newbie can do it.


Change the color

The most interesting feature of PS CC 2019 App is the ability to change the colors of specific things, including clothing, without modifying the colors of other objects. By changing the colors, you may transform an outdated image into a brand-new one.


To change the color of objects, navigate to tools, tap on adjustment, select color balance, and drag the RGB color slider.

PS cc 2019 App

Tools Options 

Tools option on the bottom left side of the application offers you four tools 


  • Healing Brush Tool
  • Clone Stamp Tool
  • Blur Tool
  • SmudgeTool
  • Paint Tool
  • Effect Paint Tool
  • Spray Tool
  • Eraser Tool
  • Magic Wand Tool
  • Scribble Selection Tool
  • Quick Selection Tool
  • Brush Selection Tool
  • Marquee Selection Tool
  • Circle Selection Tool
  • Lasso Selection Tool
  • Polygon Selection Tool

PS cc 2019 App

Advanced Tools

All of these advanced tool options can be accessed from the top


The following functions are available: Cut, Copy, Copy-merged, Feather, Show Pointer, Paste, Clear, Select All, Transform, Extract, Select Pixels, Deselect, Inverse, and Refine Edge.



Saturation, Black & White, Levels, Brightness Contrast, Temperature, Replace Color, Curves, Shadows/Highlights, Color Balance, Reduce Noise


FX Options

Basic FX

Blur Gaussian, Blur Directional, Sharpen, Drop Shadow, Glow, Bevel, Edges, Tint, Lighting.


Stylize FX

Old Photocopy, Stamp Pattern, Colorize, Rippel, Gradient Map, Halftone Pattern, Threshold, Glass, Posterize Color, Halftone Pattern, Threshold, Rippel.


Artistic FX

Pencil, Chalk & Charcoal, Pencil, Comic, Color Drops, Scratches, Watercolor, Acrylic Paint, Shred.


Photo FX

Dark Sepia, Sleepy Hollow Sunny Afternoon, TV Monitor, Grainy Night, Moonlight, HDR Look, Soft Light, Soft Skin.


Advanced Options

Crop Image, Image Size, Rotate, Lens Flare, Text, Transform, Warp, Fill & Stroke, Gradient, Fade, Camera Fill, Fill & Stroke, Gradient, Fade.


These features can be customized to make your photo experience more enjoyable.


Mobile artists will love Adobe PS cc 2019 App.

Optimized user interface for 7-inch devices (minimum screen resolution 1024×600) Smooth brush strokes to new Effects: Lens Flare (under the “&” menu) and Stamp PatternImproved grid layout for projects, tutorials, and images with new support for sharing to Facebook, Twitter, and other registered apps. Quick access to the last 5 colors is now easier with a shortcut (drag down on Color). A variety of bugs were fixed.



The Adobe PS cc 2019 App is the best software for you if you want to do the next level of photo editing and want to create images that can definitely impress a lot of people. If you upload such pictures on your social media handles, you will definitely get a lot of praise, and you will gain a lot of popularity in a very short time. This PS cc 2019 App application offers very professional features that will increase the value of your images. PS cc 2019 App is now available for free download and you can start editing photos right away.